Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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Fruits of the season.

Recently on Feb 9, I went to Muar with my family and relatives to attend a cousins' wedding. After the 'Akad Nikah' ceremony, while awaiting the 'Bersanding' ceremony, we went to Tangkak to shop around. Being the uber-miserly and highly imaginative person that I am *coughs*, I spent my time visualizing how it's like to be there in the old days.

While I was brooding over my thoughts and simultaneously tugging my aunt away from the grasps of the ominous shopkeepers, I can't help but notice the greengrocers. Thinking back, I've never been an avid fruit and vegetable eater.

It's not that I'm not aware of the substantial amount of benefits that fruits and vegetables consumption offer to the wellness and wellbeing of our body.

Eversince young, my family has always included fruits and veggies as part of our diet. Yet, I never grow a liking to it.

These days, I try to increase my fruits and vegetables intake for the sake of health reasons; but with the exception of the ones that I find ghastly.


My definition of ghastliness:

Anything with a sour taste = Ghastly, Horrendous, Revolting, Disgusting... *You get the idea... haha!*


Prevention is better than cure.

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