Thursday, October 16, 2008

.: Arabian delights :.

The chocodate.

Had this in Saudi. *pic from je t'aime amer* It's basically dates stuffed with whole almonds and coated in chocolate. *tastes absolutely wicked*

For Eid, I did a bold attempt to make a mimicry version of my own, with a slight twist. Dates stuffed with whole almonds, covered by a layer of dough, then coated with chocolate, topped with chopped almonds.

The process is quite tedious since:
  1. You have to get your fingers dirty *and sweet* as you take out the seeds from the dates and stuff the toasted almonds. *made easier when you pop a stuffed date into your mouth each time you're done with a dozen* Don't ever lick your fingers until you're done. *unless you're making for your own consumption*
  2. Prepare the dough, wrap the stuffed dates *not too thin or it'd break, and not too thick* and bake it.
  3. Once it has cooled down, melt the chocolate and start dunking it in. *use a gigantic pot for double-boiling. In this case, size does matter since it cuts down the time.*
  4. Place the choco dipped pastry wrapped dates into cupcakes. *you don't want to lose any of that sinful choc. do you?* End it by sprinkling chopped almonds.
I tried it out with a myriad selection of dates. *there are tonnes stocked up at home* Didn't get to make much because I was using the leftover dough from my mum. Outcome? No pictures. It was long gone before I manage to take any. Can't say that I have destroyed the Dubai confectionary. Justice was made, I suppose. As it is, I already have requests for next Eid. :)

*What have I gotten myself into?*

On the bright side, I may just be upgraded to Pastry Chef. Adieu to my dearest precious dishes, kitchen sink, the such and hello to Mr. Oven, Mrs. Dough Mixer, brother Rolling Pin and sister Cookie Cutter. *i should really stop*

Haven't had breakfast.
10.45am Malaysian Time


Anonymous said...

I Love chocodate :-D

Rose said...

Mmm, a heavenly combination.

Hajar Alwi said...

Dubai Guy & Golightly :: Precisely. :)