Wednesday, October 29, 2008

.: Wedding bells :.

Not mine.

Few days back, I managed to have a brief chat with a friend in Saudi. He's getting married! *sure, I've known this piece of news since I came back from Hajj, but this is for real!* It's only going to be next Jan, yet I can't resist being happy for him. ^ So like promised, I asked him to give me his address so that I can send over his wedding gift. Did not expect to get a Pakistan address. Should have asked him whether he's relocating back there for good. Somehow, I have a feeling the address is incomplete. Need to reconfirm it next time I see him online.

The only thing I have to figure out is, what do I give him? It's not like I have friends that have gotten married before. Given that he is my sister's adopted lil' brother, I suppose I'll have her pinching in some ideas. He's her adopted lil' bro. however I'm the one that keep tabs on him. *what?* Her reasoning is that I can understand what he's talking about. I have to admit, his English isn't that super. You have to give him credit for trying though.

It was quite funny how my sister adopted him. Her statement was something like this.

"You, become my little brother. Ok? You come to Malaysia, we take care of you."

As far as I know, my sis is not the kind to take immediate liking to someone. It must be because he's always smiling plus the fact that he looks like my cousin when he was a toddler. Even my mum likes him. They were saying how cute he is, and I do not deny that. Each time I see him, I have this urge to slap him unconscious. *I can be so sadistic at times. If I say that I feel like slapping you, chances are I find you cute. :)* Throughout our stay there, he helped us a great deal. There are other instances that are worth mentioning about, I'll leave that for later.

But it was sweet. :)
1.38pm Malaysian Time


Zamzam Design said...

Salam alaikum Hajar! Just passing by. I left you an answer on my blog. I f you want to read. See you again incha'Allah!
Audrey @ Zamzam Design

Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams : you can send him nice bed linens : )

Aisyah Mazelan said...

thank you for viewing my blog and leaving the lovely comment. actually, i was kinda hesitated to post that poem. but since you said it was kinda good, i guess, tons are coming!

Hajar Alwi said...


Audrey :: Awesome~ I'll pop over in a min, Insya'Allah. :)

Ummi :: You know what? Initially, I had that idea. My sis has a couple of others. Guess I'll decide when mum comes over. She'll definitely want to be a part of it too. ^^

Miss Ash :: No prob. Always felt that good things should be shared. Am definitely expecting more from you, dear flourishing poetess. ^^