Friday, September 25, 2009

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Switching to Eid mode.

At the start of Ramadhan, mum decided to make cookies using some new recipes she learnt in a cooking class. Only one type made it into our cookie jars, the chocolate chip cookies; which is her original recipe *2nd row, 1st picture*. The others, received a thumbs-down from the rest of us. As a result, we made the usual selection of cookies. And like the previous Eids, I didn't get to snap any photos. *we're a bunch of cookie monsters*

Traditionally, kids will get Duit Raya. *money packets, sometimes referred to as green money packets* I suppose, each family will have their own cut-off age. On my mum's side, as long as you don't have a job, you are entitled to receive money packets; irregardless of how old you are. The instant you start earning your own cold hard cash, you are expected to pinch in if you are able to do so. Over at dad's side of the family,  although I have a job, I am still entitled to receive. Well, sometimes. :)

Besides kids, adults may also receive money packets from their children. The first time I gave it to my parents, it felt really awkward. I was so used to getting it from them! As for cousins, nephews and nieces ...

Cousin :: OMG~! You're giving us money packets! OMG~!!!
Me :: One more word, just one wrong word and you can kiss your money packets goodbye.
Cousin :: You are so nice~!!!
Me :: I sense insincerity there ... *muahahaha! I love to torment them this way!*
Cousin :: No~!
How's your holiday?
5.54pm Malaysian Time


nadia said...

LOL @ the conversation. I love to torment the younger ones myself :D

Ms.Unique said...

Yeah it's the same in India too ;)

LOL ... me too loves to tease sometimes :D

Aisyah Mazelan said...

Haha. Hilarious. My uncle asked me whether if it's legal for me to get duit raya. I said that as long as I'm not married, it's legal.

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

Hello Dear Hajar,
I recevieved your wonderful cards and greetings. I was so happy! You have beautiful handwriting! Thank you so much! What a treat!

Hajar Alwi said...

Nadia :: It's always a pleasure when you have the authority to do so. Haha~

Ms.Unique :: LoL~ 'Harmless' teasing is alright; at least in my books. :)

Ash Mazelan :: Exactly! I was telling my mum the same thing! Like, "Mum! You know, I'm still eligible on dad's side! Sometimes!" and mum goes on how "That's dad's side. This is how your mum's side works. Deal with it." Gyaa~~~!

The world, is certainly not fair. O.o

Jeanne-ming :: Yeay~!!! I'm uber-thrilled! Since no one told me whether they've received theirs, I was starting to become paranoid on our postal service! *I have had several bad experiences* Great that yours reached there safely. ^^ Aww~ Thanks sis and don't mention it! ^^