Tuesday, March 23, 2010

.: Will of heaven :.

Parting beneath the clouded skies.

If your love is true, you would feel an aversion for anything that does not remind you of the one you love. How odd! Whoever claims to love and needs someone to remind him of the lover, his love is not complete. The least thing that shows your love is that you never forget your beloved one.

Imam Ibn Qayyim (rahimullah) 

Perhaps I am not as forgetful as I thought I am.
4.03pm Malaysian Time


Anonymous said...

awesome blog mashallah

Irving said...

A lovely quote, and true for real lovers :)

Anonymous said...

Drive carefully. It is not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker.............................................

Hajar Alwi said...

Mimi & Juju :: Jazakallahu khairan dear sisters & welcome to the blog. :D

Brother Irving :: Masha'Allah, I couldn't agree more. :)

火吟 :: Interesting. I'll keep a raincheck on that. Thanks for visiting.

Sketched Soul said...

How are you my dear? I'm sorry I haven't stayed in touch.. I didn't have net connection for a while.

Anyway... thanks so visiting my blog, I do absolutely miss you!!

What's new with you? As you can see I'm trying to working on my drawing skills or lack of.. ha!

Take care
Lots of Love

Hajar Alwi said...

Wa'alaikum'as'salam dearest Farhana!!!

Masha'Allah! It has been so long since we last communicated!!! I missed you terribly! ^^

I've been very occupied in worldly matters lately. *not good! so not good!* Other than that, I've been involved in quite a no. of nitty gritty stuff. :P

Take care love and thanks for visiting! :D