Friday, July 16, 2010

.: Hush-hush enigma :.


There was a particular incident that happened not many months ago. I was in the LRT *subway* when a group of boisterous high school boys came in. They were joking in Chinese among themselves, and although I didn’t have the intention to eavesdrop, they were too loud! Hence any desperate efforts to block my ears were entirely nullified.

Throughout the 15mins journey I understood some of their jokes, but I had to bite my lips because people will undeniably think I’m insane if I started laughing hysterically by myself. Two stops away, one of the boys said;

“I think she understands our jokes” and looked straight at me.

At that juncture, it felt as if I had other eyes on me. As if I was suddenly awakened from a perpetual slumber, I knew it wasn’t just a feeling when his friends shifted their gaze to match his and they began talking about me. All I could do then was do an instant 180 degrees turn and implored to God; “What should I do?”

Intercom :: "Wangsa Maju. Wangsa Maju"

Saved! As soon as the LRT doors opened, I slipped through the throngs of commuters and dashed to the taxi station.

Sis :: What happened?
Me :: Biting didn’t help. My eyes were tearing up, and I couldn’t contain the chuckles. It’s like they have an unlimited supply of jokes! Maybe they already know that I can understand them, and they’re intentionally doing it. I feel so embarrassed!

I had forgotten about this incident but the story doesn’t end there.

The car was in the workshop so I had to take the LRT for the past 2 weeks. On one of those days, I was responding to a text in Chinese when I felt a towering figure behind me.

“I was right. 你还記得我吗?”

Literally shocked with his presence, I blasted this at him ... "吓死我了!!!".

Note :: “你还記得我吗?” means “Do you still remember me?"; "吓死我了!" means "Scared me to death!"

And he wasn't alone.
3.27pm Malaysian Time


Michelle Therese said...

So is he a friend now?

Hajar Alwi said...

Sort of a hi-bye kind' a friend. Hope things are well with the Elspeth & the twins. :)

Fareyha said...

Bagus juga belajar another language, secara kebetulan boleh dapat lebih ramai kawan kawan...hehe...I wish I could enroll Korean or Japanese classes but then when I tell that to my dad, dia suruh g tusyen BM dulu....T__T

Abu Pokemon said...

Haha, I still looking for a story which I can adopt in my blog.

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

This is the kind of thing event that happens to me all the time.
As Chinese say, the Red Thread.....

I have a feeling this story could go on....I will stay tuned

Hajar Alwi said...

Effa Fareyha :: Wah! Thanks for vising Ha! ^^ LoL~ I guess I'm exceptionally lucky 'cos my parents tak kesah. Tp kalau diikutkan, my mum mmg nak aja study Arabic, & dad pula Chinese & I'm doing both! Maybe tu pasal dorang tak kesah kut??? :)

Abu Pokemon :: Heck no! Ur not thinking of using it in ur lego series r u? Heck no! :P

Jeanne-ming :: Ahh yes, the red thread. So far there hasn't been any continuation for this, but we can never really know now can we? :)