Friday, July 9, 2010

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Taken at the Wakaf Raja Abdul Aziz Ain Aziziyah,; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Several months after I transferred to a school in Malaysia;
Me :: Dad, can I enroll in a religious school? Like after school, religious school?
Dad :: Sure, but is there any particular reason?
Me :: I didn’t know what the teacher was talking about. She mentioned ibadah, akhlak, aqidah and stuff. It’s as if she’s speaking in an alien language and I felt totally out of place.

3 years later;
Dad :: So you’re quitting religious school?
Me :: My grades are much better now, and knowing the basics is more than enough.

14 years later;
Dad :: Since when have you started to learn about Islam again?
Me :: Since coming home from Hajj.
Dad :: But nobody is grading you anymore. :)
Me :: ...

8.28pm Malaysian Time


Abu Pokemon said...

So what is the lesson of this story?

Hajar Alwi said...

Still looking for it ... one minute I'm thinking "God is grading me" ... then the next minute I'm thinking of something else. Remember the whole "reversion" thing? Loosely related.