Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Another rainy day.

At a Chinese Muslim Restaurant in Shenzhen.

The owner was speaking in super lighting speed slurry Chinese. I guess the owner is in his early 40s, a merry guy who is very generous with his smiles and laughter. Acknowledging my incompetence, I gave up any efforts to comprehend his speech and chose to focus on something much more interesting; like the colorful menu while my friend kept him entertained.

Me :: What did he say?
Friend :: I don't know.
Me :: What do you mean?
Friend :: His dialect is a little different. He was asking where are you from, and are you a Muslim. I told him you're from Malaysia, and ya. He told me he heard Malaysia is famous for aerobics.
Me :: Aerobics? You just made that up right?
Friend :: I'm serious. He did say that.
Me :: Aerobics??? ... but why aerobics? *starts looking at the menu again; so many good food, too little time to try them all!*
Friend :: Beats me.

My friend had such a stoic expression on his face that I couldn't possibly think he was lying when he said that. But really ... why aerobics? Why?

PS :: This may be a little belated, but Happy Mid-Autumn Festival *
中秋节快乐* to everyone! I still have one mooncake sitting in the fridge. :)

Hitting the books.

9.10am Malaysian Time


Unknown said...

Well that was a surprise. I've never compared malaysian aerobics with other countries but it's pretty active here. Maybe he also meant those traditional dances?

Atie said...

Malaysia + aerobics + ?
Hmmm....... I can't figure that out.... ;)

Nadia said...

Now when someone asks me what Malaysia is famous for, I have an answer :)

Unknown said...

Yeah, come to think of it, what is malaysia famous for?

Atie said...

Malaysia is famous for its aerobics? (pocho-pocho, perhaps?) oh no! you gotta be kidding me! that man must have meant something else.

Hajar Alwi said...

Brother Adib :: I really can't figure it out, but I doubt our traditional dances are anything like aerobics.

Sis Ati :: Me neither!!!

Sis Nadia :: Noooooooooo~!!! LoL~

Brother Adib :: Nasi lemak? Roti canai? Bak kut teh? :P

Sis Ati :: Ehh??? Poco-poco is from Indonesia, right?