Monday, June 13, 2016

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Entering the second week of Ramadhan. Time sure flies doesn't it? Recently one of my friends asked how has Ramadhan been like as a newly married couple. The introvert in me had to keep it succinct with a tinge of sweetness thus I came back with, "All well, Alhamdulillah." 

And I am still far from divulging further privy details in the blog either. 

One thing that I would like to share though is my keenness to explore, learn and understand the intricacies of my husband's side in observing Ramadhan. Not exactly by the family, more of his entire race. I work macro down to micro level, and I like to cover as many aspects as possible. So I re-activated my Weibo account and began scouring for Chinese Muslim profiles. One can say I became like some sort of a stalker, full of glee at the first slight indication that a profile could possibly belong to a Chinese Muslim. 

Alhamdulillah, eventually this obsession paid off. Found close to 50 profiles, where like most Muslim profiles, shared their daily Ramadhan rituals, supplications and reminders. Quite a number are into fashion so I did get a fair share of the hijab tutorials. Not too different from ours here in Malaysia. Even followed an account that does Islamic lectures in Chinese. Out of the 50, I connected with about 5 of them. At this age, introversion is fully embedded in me. 

Will this continue after Ramadhan? Probably. It fascinates me how diverse our religion is. We may be of a different race, speak a different language, look differently, have different preferences, yet we are very much alike. The more we seek each other out, the more we realise we are not that different after all. The religion, in some ways, unites us.  

How I would like to end this is break out from your nutshell, breakaway from your comfort zone and go ahead to venture into the unknown. Get to know other people. People from another race, another religion, another country. People with varied backgrounds and lifestyles. Open your mind and heart to just be aware that there are other people out there. After all, we are created differently so we can learn from each other. 

Limitless learning. 
10.42am, Malaysian Time

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