Friday, June 17, 2016

.: Unfathomable betrayal :.

By the ones you trust.

Often at Islamic lectures, the speaker would remind us:

"Would you want someone to do that to your mother? Would you allow someone to do that to your sister? Would you, yourself, do that to your daughter?

If your answer is no, then do not do it to someone else. That someone could be someone's mother, sister, daughter."

For the past one week I have been reading numerous confessions on sexual accounts, or if i can put it bluntly, sexual assaults. Sexual assaults committed by none other than the people who these girls trust the most. The ones who are supposed to protect them. The ones who are given the honorable titles such as "Father", "Brother", "Uncle", "Grandfather". 

Yet these honorable titles went on a path worse than beasts by choosing to submit to their devilish desires. They chose to become the predators who destroyed the lives of these innocent girls, their very own flesh and blood. 

To think that this monstrosity takes place in Malaysia, and could possible take place in our very own backyard is repulsive.  

To think that some of these monsters also prey on other innocent victims, without the slightest feeling of guilt or disgust is repulsive. 

To think that there are many more victims who chose to remain silent, who had to relive the nightmares till the day they die, the ones who never got out alive is repulsive.

To think that Muslims, yes Muslims are committing these acts gleefully is repulsive.

The very thought of having to write this post is repulsive.

On this day, a rainy Friday, in Ramadhan and minutes before the Maghrib adhan, I pray may Allah heal the victims, may Allah protect all girls and women from these beasts, and may Allah punish these beastly perpetrators severely should they choose to not repent and fear Allah, Allahumma ameen, thumma ameen.

Beasts living among us.
7.03pm, Malaysian Time

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