Tuesday, August 30, 2016

.: Blissful union :.

Not a book review.

Received news that my nephew had recently gotten engaged. At that very instant, my thoughts went to this book, "The Kindness Miracle", written by Auntie Jamilah Samian along with my memories of walking down the aisle a few months ago.

When it comes to marriage, there are numerous sources one can go to for advise and references. Some would go to the closest married family member or friends, while others may go to online lectures, books or articles. Not forgetting marriage workshops, classes and seminars that are organised every now and then. The few, would probably choose to confide in marriage counselors. 

At the end of it, there is no single channel that can ultimately contain all the answers that one desires.

So how does one achieve everlasting marital bliss?

One doesn't. 

Situations change. People change. Feelings change. When everything has the possibility of changing, how could things remain the same? 

The only thing we can do to achieve the so called everlasting marital bliss is to tweak with our expectations. Choose to be kinder, choose to be the better half. Both parties, ideally, have to play their roles. When one doesn't, remember that it is normal for us humans to fall short on certain days. We all have our bad days, our bad points. Compromise. Nurture and cherish the good, discard the negativity. 

At any given time, each and every time, always choose love.

Reminding myself ahead of others. 
11.59am, Malaysian Time

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