Thursday, September 1, 2016

.: Sowing seeds :.

Miles away.

All this while, I feel blessed that we have a small plot of land right here in our Southern home. At this very spot, dad planted a handful of fruits and vegetables trees. Occasionally, the trees sprouted by itself and we found ourselves wondering who had planted the seeds. As no one admitted to doing it, I suppose we have the birds and other critters to thank for that. 

Fast forward, now that I am married, I feel all the more blessed to know that my husband has an actual yard at his home in Northwestern China. A huge plot or rather small plots of land where they are able to grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Most of which are the kind that we can never grow in ours.

Intrigued with nature, my husband and I will often have conversations on growing our own fruits and vegetables. Although our current arrangements do not allow us to do that just yet, we have our dreams, our aspirations and the drive to work on materialising it.

Why you may ask?

Because this is the kind of life we want our children to be brought up in. A life where they can play, bond and develop a sense of gratitude and respect for nature and other living creatures. 

Cultivating the seeds of life from its very roots.
12.11noon, Malaysian Time

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