Friday, September 2, 2016

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Bak kwa.

To commemorate Malaysia's 59th National Day, Wednesday's family breakfast was halal chicken bak kwa slapped between sloppily folded pieces of white bread. Simple yet satisfying to the tummy. 

Munching on those pieces is akin to recalling my childhood. Back in the day, I would often ogle at the thin wafer-like pieces of sweet meat often sold in Chinese shops. The only comfort I had then was taking in unlimited free smells. Made usually out of pork, beef or chicken, rarely does one come across the halal variation.  

All those years, there is but one bak kwa brand that I remember selling this delicate delicacy and still exists until now. That brand is...


Specifically, the outlets in Singapore because those were the ones I grew up with. 

When I moved to Malaysia, I thought that was the end of it. No longer can I enjoy the free smells. There goes my excitement of ever seeing the succulent glistening sweet meat.

I was wrong.

The brand followed me to Malaysia.

And so did the dreary feeling of wanting something so badly, wanting something that is terribly out of reach. 

The meats are still non-halal. 

But that was not the end of it.

About a couple of months ago a Chinese revert friend of mine posted on his Facebook wall that he will be selling halal chicken bak kwa.

The news struck me like how sweet treats can mend a broken heart. 

And this is how the story ends. Friend posted the frozen halal chicken bak kwa to my house, I got my beautiful pack and stashed it in the fridge, waited for an opportune time, took it out of the fridge, slapped it on the grill and savoured every single bite.

Took me more than 2 decades of patience to have this bite.

Good things certainly come to those who wait. 

Ikhwan Ng's Frozen Halal Chicken Bak Kwa

500grams: 6-7 slices, 6 x 6 inches
1kg : 14-15 slices, 6 x 6 inches

Phone No: 012-3979998

PS: He sells other halal products.


This is not a paid review for my friend or Bee Cheng Hiang and honestly, I am allergic to chicken. Chickens, unless organic or reared without any of those nasty stuff make me itch. I am risking my allergic reactions for my childhood fantasy.

Things just got real.
10.44am, Malaysian Time

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