Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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Being around foreigners makes you realise some of the issues they face while they are in their host countries. One of which is the difficulty one may face in applying for a new job. Due to policies and restrictions mostly from the government sectors, certain foreigners despite having relevant experiences and expertise are finding it difficult to land a suitable job. 

Some, had to take on a new industry or settle for something far lesser.

Do they complain? Yes. But they still choose to stay on, hoping that one day things could change. Because for some, they regard their host country as their home country. And they set aspirations to settle in the country for good. 

Now then, should the full blame be placed on the government? 

Probably no. They are probably doing this to protect the locals.

Thinking out loud, are they really protecting the locals in the long run?

The world out there is based on survival of the fittest. If we do not have the expertise, the experience, why are we not opening opportunities to those who could render their support, their assistance, to teach the locals? How can we expect the locals to compete globally if they are unable to do so on local grounds?

It is not much on competition or foreigners grabbing our job opportunities if one can look at is as knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange.

Humble yourself, learn from others and work your way up. 

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