Monday, September 10, 2018

.: Jazz Festival :.

Not exactly.

Planned to attend the Jazz Festival at Puteri Harbour. Too bad things didn't turned out as planned because both Mr Husband and I were still feeling slightly under the weather.

Even so, we did go over to the venue earlier in the day. The festival was supposed to start at 5pm, though by 2pm, they were already in the middle of the preparations. Seats were well-arranged and we managed to watch a bit of the rehearsals. 

We went back around 4pm. Could have stayed for another hour but I was already feeling weary from all the walking. 

Later at night, a friend of ours shared some photos and videos of the festival. Everything looked and sounded amazing. 

Next time, maybe?

PS: Decided to do away with the font size. 
12.34 noon, Malaysia Time

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