Wednesday, September 5, 2018

.: LTSVP :.


In less than a month, we will make that biannual pilgrimage to Putrajaya to renew Mr Husband's visa. 

Honestly speaking, I do not look forward to it. I get tired just thinking that we had been making the biannual trips to Putrajaya from Johor Bahru for the past 2 years or so. And the thought that it may continue for years to come, drains me.

But we do not have much of a choice. 

The LTSVP (Long Term Social Visit Pass) for PRC citizens can only be applied in Putrajaya. 

Thankfully, the process usually takes a day, or two tops to complete. Plus the whole pilgrimage thing sort of gives us a chance to visit family and friends in Kuala Lumpur.

Having said that, do I expect any changes to the policy with the new government?


I would go beyond ecstatic if the renewal process can be done in Johor Bahru. That would be the ultimate dream come true! A longer LTSVP would be double happiness for me. Looking further ahead, an online renewal system would indefinitely bring the entire process to a whole new level.

The things I would do to even get one of those dreams. Keep on making dua. Keep on praying.

For now, I guess Mr Husband and I are still stuck with making that biannual pilgrimage. All about making the best of things. 

Road trip!
12.20 noon, Malaysia Time

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