Thursday, May 15, 2008

.: The inevitable :.

Taking it one step at a time.

It's been roughly 4 months since I came back. A lot of things had happened, both bitter and sweet. Resolutions were made and I am learning to perceive life in a more optimistic approach, albeit the fact that at times my mind tends to float around in empty space and I do get sidetracked to the point of being superficially unsound on certain occasions. Irregardless, the point is that at the very least, I do try so that's all that matters. Results aside that is.

Apart from that, I have always believed in that we are not to pass judgement on others and that the process of understanding a person's behaviour and aiding whenever possible will indirectly enable us in knowing more about ourselves.

"The hand that gives is more meaningful than the hand that receives."

Genuinely helping others without expecting anything in return is by far one of the ethics that I stand by with. In spite of this, there are times thereby under certain circumstances, people relatively have the misapprehension of my intentions or rather... they deem that I am weak when in fact I can be such a softy or melodramatic queen depending on the situation. Surely, we can't please all now can we? Particularly the dense. *sarcasm at its best*

Anyway, the past 2 weeks have been pretty hectic for me. Running around with appointments, work, family, social engagements and rediscovering a part of me that I have long lost in the passage of time. I suppose, it's just about time for me to decelerate and catch a hold of the finer things in life.

After all, if the shoe fits. It fits. No point in arguing any longer.

This is so random.

7.20am Malaysian Time

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