Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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To hate or to love?

I'm sure everyone in Malaysia regardless whether they are Malaysians or foreigners have had their fair share of "wonderful" experiences. *oh joy!* From taking the long way to overcharging the fare topped with the exemplary rude behavior. There really isn't any point in highlighting and repeating the same old story so I'll let it pass for the others to blog on it. *tip: google it up, it works ... always*

A few of the kind souls I came across with:

First Scenario:: Dentist appointment

It was 1.30pm. My appointment is at 1.45pm. No cab in sight. Miraculously, a cab came by.

Cab driver: "Adik mau pegi mana?" -|- Where do you want to go?
Me: "Itu dentist dekat Ong Tai Kim sana." -|- The dentist at Ong Tai Kim (name of the uhh... hypermarket)
Cab driver: "Aiya ... saya tak tahu macam mana mau pegi sana lo." -|- I don't know how to get there.
Me: "Ohh ... tak apalah. Saya tunggu lain teksi." -|- It's ok. I'll wait for another cab.
Cab driver: "Adik tau jalan ka?" -|- Do you know the way?
Me: "Sikit-sikit saja." -|- A little.
Cab driver: "Adik naik lo. Saya cuba hantar." -|- Get in. I'll try and send you.

Although we got lost due to my 'impressive' sense of direction, we eventually managed to find the dentist, and he cracked jokes throughout the journey. ^^

Second Scenario:: Going to unfamiliar territory

It was 11am. Took the cab from KL Central and ended up at Plaza OUG. Couldn't find the office. Last resort, hailed a cab.

Me: "Uncle tau ini mana tak?" -|- Do you know this place?
Cab driver: "Oh, itu dekat saja. Mari saya tunjuk." -|- That's near. Let me show you the way.

--- Reached the place and it's a housing area. ---

Cab driver: "Adik, itu address betul ka?" -|- Did you get the right address?
Me: "Kejap saya check. Ack, salah! Itu tempat ikut address ini, sorry uncle. Lepas itu boleh hantar saya balik KL Central tak?" -|- Let me check. *I got the wrong address* Please follow this other address, sorry uncle. After that, can you send me to KL Central?
Cab driver: "Tak apa. Boleh boleh." -|- It's ok. Sure sure.

From KL Central to Plaza OUG it cost me RM15. The kind driver charged me RM15 although the meter stated more than that and he didn't charge me for getting lost. On top of that, he even told me information on OUG residential areas, commercial areas and public transportation. How sweet is that?

Mankind is still saved.
5.36pm Malaysian Time

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