Thursday, August 28, 2008

.: Have a heart :.

Give a little.

There's a saying, beggars can't be choosers. You see a beggar, begging for alms. What do you do? Walk away? I've been told numerous times that I shouldn't offer alms to beggars. That by doing so, I am encouraging them to beg. That they are actually a syndicate of beggars who are not really beggars. And they are really using their beggar appearance to gain sympathy from me. Then again, how sure are you that these beggars are not genuine? How do you differentiate whether the person is genuinely a beggar or a scam? What if by walking away you are rather depriving him from probably the last meal he will ever have in his lifetime?

I try not to judge a person base on appearances. 'You are downright lazy thus you beg.' That is just being overly judgmental. We do not know what difficulties the person may have. Even if it is just a bit, a little offering goes a long way for some. Be empathetic; compassionate and for once, try to walk in their shoes because you never know if you might actually be in it.

To each their own.
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