Saturday, August 23, 2008

.: Journey to the south :.

That my friend, is a railroad track.

Hop on board the choo choo train...

The choo choo train... the choo choo train...

Straight on to Johor Bahru!

Alright, that's just lame. *and has got to be one of the most ridiculous libretto I had ever conjured*. Moving along, I took the train back to JB with my aunt and sis *candid shot of her... she doesn't read my blog so I'm still safe... the latter is my aunt... she doesn't read my blog either... double safe XD*

I have always preferred the train than any other mode of transportation. Perhaps it's because I can laze around, be a couch potato, enjoy the view, chomp at my food, washroom availability *when nature calls, it's best to have it close by* and catch a casual stroll once a while just so that my body doesn't stiffen itself due to excessive slouching in the comfort of my own time and space. During my student days, I actually did a study on which transportation suits me best. But that post shall have to wait for another day. *too lazy. :P*

In all honesty, I'm going to spare
everyone the details of my journey simply because I didn't do much. The only thing worth mentioning is that I reorganized my stuff, threw @ donated away some of my other stuff and tagged along my mum to the baking store and the market; aside from getting the bolt from the blue on the massive change of interior design courtesy of my parents. Home didn't look like home anymore. Some of the furniture were shifted to the other house so my current home seems pretty bare. At least it doesn't emit a congested ambiance anymore. I'll quit yapping and post some photos.

Is this the stairway to heaven? Not close. It's really my wardrobe. :P

The road to my primary school. Spent 3 years there (1993 - 1996). Too bad I can't recall much.

That's it. Told you I didn't do much. Presently, I'm still trying to convince my family to celebrate Eid there. It had been ages. I failed miserably during my first try.
Then again, with perseverance I might just nail it.

Off to bug my parents. ^^
9.01pm Malaysian Time


Littleone said...

I always avoid travelling by train.
Because trains in Japan are crowded most of the time and the loud voices of stupid teenages really irks me...

Trains in Malaysia sounds quite comfortable though!
Lucky you:)

Hajar Alwi said...

Ack! Maybe I ought to clarify that I went on the intercity train. It is significantly comfortable comparatively to the commuters, monorails and light rail transits that is jam-packed with all sorts of people. Plus over the years, I have mastered the art of shunning away the hullabaloo. Or I am slowly losing my sense of hearing. :P