Wednesday, September 24, 2008

.: The distorted mirror :.

At least it's not broken.

I was packing my stuff when I found some of the things that I bought during Hajj. This eventually emancipated the experiences I had with my mum and sister.

When I was 12, the family went for Umrah. Prior to our departure, my mum told me never to leave her side as she was certain that the people there will abduct me. *coming from someone whose ancestors are Arabs* Being a child, I listened to her though deep down inside I thought that it's total gibberish.

Prior to Hajj, my mum said the same thing. Our conversation was::
Mum: "Don't stray away. You never know when you'll get kidnapped."
Me: "Mum, I doubt that'd happen."
Mum: "You never know."
Me: "What's the point of me learning self defense?"
Mum: "Mark my words. When that happens, no matter how much you scream, no one will hear you. You will be taken away to some unknown place, never to see your family ever again and you will truly then regret for not listening to your mother!"
Yes. The drama. The irony was that when we were there, I was place solely in charge of buying the groceries, household items and etc. Unescorted. My own mother, endangering her own daughter. Oh wow.

So my sister was telling me how easy it was for me to get around and get stuff done.
Sis: "You know what? Your face simply exudes damsel-ness in distress. People will help you. You don't even have to try!"
Me: "Mum did say I was a baby in distress. Go figure."
Sis: So now you know why mum said you might get kidnapped and stuff."
Me: "If I'm that much of a damsel, I'm pretty sure that someone will sweep me off my feet and save me from the wretched clutches of the captor."
Sis: "So what do you say? You can easily get the guys to help us to carry the baggage plus the amount of discounts and stuff we can get..."
Me: "You do not use you own little sister!"
Sis: "You have a gift! Use it! It's not like you've never done it!"
Me: "No! I did nothing! Mum!"
Up till now, she often teases me of several instances thereby I had used my 'gift'. *which I still think I have none* therefore deeming that it's alright for me to make use of it once a while. On a side note, my mum related this incident when I accompanied her to buy some scarves.
Retailer: "You're from Malaysia?"
Mum: "Yes."
Retailer: "I have lots of friends from Malaysia. Is that your daughter?"
Mum: "Yes."
Retailer: "I want to marry her."
Mum: "I don't want you as my son-in-law. Thank you."
Way to go mum!

9.25am Malaysian Time


Lubna Karim said...

Assalamvalekum, Thank u for leaving comments in my blog. U have very informative and heart touching posts.

muslimahh said...

LOL!! "I don't want you as my son-in-law" that is toooooo funny!! I love your blog, very entertaining! Salaam

Ms.Unique said...

Assalamualikum Hajar,
U r a great writer sis. I love the way u present ur stories .... thnx 4 sharing ...

Hajar Alwi said...


Kitchen:: Same here and you are too kind with the compliments. ^^

Muslimah:: I know! Still can't believe that my mum said that. Haha~ Thanks for the compliment.

Ms.Unique:: Sis, you think too highly of me. ^ Glad that you loved it and you're most welcome. :)