Friday, May 8, 2009

.: Catch-22 :.

What went wrong?

There were a few things that mum hoped for me …

“I hope you work for the government.”

Friends’ reaction:: "You will definitely suffer from a massive shock on your first day of work rendering you paralyzed for the rest of your life!"

~ I ended up working in the private sector.

“I hope you work in a company with Malays.”

~ Nope, didn’t come close to having any Malays.

“I hope you work in a company with Muslims.”

~ Nope, no Muslims here either.

“I hope you will not work with guys.”

~ Eh … I'm the only girl.

So mum eventually said this …

“I hope you marry a Muslim, a practicing once. That’s all I’m praying for now.”

Friends’ reaction:: "Mark our words, you will definitely convert someone and marry that guy!"

Let me see … I am not close to any Muslim brothers and I have no intention to convert anyone yet. Mum oh mum, must I disappoint you again? But it was never intentional. Aih~

My sis had this to say; “You know so many nice guys! All you need is to convert one! It only takes one! But what do you think of matchmaking? Mum might just well … you know …”

Me:: "I’ll leave that to God. Nah, dad will never agree. To answer your question, I guess I’m cool with it. Look at dad and mum."

The time when absolute frankness became the weapon used against me. Up till now, sis tries to put her matchmaking ideas in my head. Her latest sensation is to entice me to consider the limited number of Muslim brothers that I know. She has short listed two brothers to be exact and she does not know them on a personal basis. I have no indication on how she came to that conclusion, neither do I wish to know why.

Sis:: I have a strong feeling on this particular one. Really strong feeling you WILL end up with him. And little sister, rest assured you have my full blessings. :)
Me:: We are just friends. At most, brother-sister relationship. Going beyond will only complicate things and I do not foresee the possibilities. :P
Sis:: Trust me. He is THE ONE. I have yet to be proven wrong. :)

If I ever let my guard down even for a minute and let her words seep in, I doubt I can retain any form of normalcy. It's bad enough that I have to listen to "How to get a 6-pack in 3 months without working out in the gym and afford to have pigging out sessions?" in the office. Thank God I'm used to it, owing it all to my blood brother for training me since young. :)

I am no fish.
4.21pm Malaysian Time


Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

Would it be so bad to let your family choose one? I accepted the one my best Muslim friends reccommended...

Hajar Alwi said...

No. Just that I'm rather tired ... a lot of things are going on ...

Anonymous said...

:)) Your sister sounds hilarious. :)

Hajar Alwi said...

We knock ourselves out. :)