Saturday, May 23, 2009

.: Mysterious past :.

The twirls of fate.

Don't you want to look for your best friend ... ?

~ Why look for someone that has always been there to begin with ...

Will you renounce the people that made you undergo extreme despair even if it means you will have to leave the very person that gave you the strength to deal with it?

Or will you choose to forsake your dreams in order to be around that person?

And will you hold on to forgoing your dreams even when the person wishes for you to run towards it?

The first encounter.
8.11am Malaysian Time


Unknown said... ^^

Asmi's Journal said...

I lost my best friend in a car crash

Ms.Unique said...

I can never think of forgoing my dreamsssssss :(

Hajar Alwi said...

Adib :: LoL~

Asmi :: I'm so sorry ... it's hard to lose a friend let alone a best friend.

Ms. Unique :: Understandable. Not many of us are willing to take the chance/risk/sacrifice. :)