Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Tagged by Ash Mazelan.

1. Do you think you are hot? - Never. I'm cold-blooded. :P

2. Upload your favourite picture of you.

3. Why do you like that picture? - Aesthetic appeal I guess. :)

4) When was the last time you ate pizza? - Ermm ... last month?

5) The last song you listened to? - 爱的主旋律 by Genie Zhuo Wen Xuan and Xiao Gui.

6) What are you doing right now besides this? - Uploading pictures in Facebook. :)

7) What name would you prefer besides yours? - None. I'm grateful with my present name(s). :)

8) People To Tag :
i. Ms. Unique
ii. Asmi
iii. Kak Chik
iv. Sister Farhana
v. Ummi

9) Who is number one? - A lovely sister whom Insha'Allah I shall meet in 5 years time. :)

10) Number three is having a relationship with? - Her husband. :)

11) Say something about number five? - She's staying in my motherland. :)

12) How about number four? - The epitome of sweetness. :)

13) Who is number two? - Recently got acquainted to her. Brilliant girl!

Smashing couple of months ahead. :)
9.34am Malaysian Time


Ms.Unique said...

Lol ... dats such a funny tag :) .... Insha Allah vil do it .... came @ d rite time ... thnx a mil ....

Ummi's Blog said...

hee...ok insya'allah will do it soon.
: )

Sketched Soul said...

As-salaamu'alaykum wa Rahmatu Llahi wa Barakatuhu my dearest Hajar,

My oh my...
"The epitome of sweetness."... I'm reading correctly right!? That's meee.. yaaaay! Haha (now I have to pop my head).

Tabarak'Allah Hajar, you're the sweet one :D

Alrighty, this tag looks interesting.

I youtubed Genie Zhuo Wen Xuan and Xiao Gui - consider yourself warned, don't do that to my tag.. you might find it disturbing.. haha

Take care,
Love Farhana

Sketched Soul said...

All done! yaaay!

Asmi's Journal said...

I'm done with my tag!

Hajar Alwi said...

Ms.Unique :: LoL~ There's always room to share laughters. :)

Ummi :: Awesome~

Sketched Soul :: Wa'alaikum'as'salam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu Sister Farhana. LoL~ Yeah ... that's you alright! ^^

You didn't? Haha~ I've never seen their MV. LoL~ I just keep playing 'em over & over again ... singing it in the office, outside and stuff. :P

Ermmm ... all the more I WILL DO! :P Insha'Allah, I'll skip there later. :)

Asmi :: Cool~ Will be there after I'm done with things in the offline realm. :) Thanks~!!!

Yasemin said...

Wow this is a tricky tag! You did it well sweetie. How are you these days?

Hajar Alwi said...

LoL~ I'm swamped with a bottomless pile of work. :( But things are still fine and dandy, Alhamdulillah. Hope you're doing fine. I'll stop by your blog later after work. :)

ellen557 said...

4 - you have more power than I do to stay away for so long :P

ellen557 said...

Also - Hajar! Wow, thank you for mentioning Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Am listening right now and it is beautiful <3 and um, I can't seem to find the link to click on to "follow" your blog :S

Hajar Alwi said...

Oho~! Welcome Ellen!!! LoL~!

You're most welcome. ^^ Half the time, I don't comprehend the compositions by both Nusrat and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, thus being fully dependent on translations. >__< I don't fancy being dependent on a single source. Aih~ So ermm ... should I take up another language? LoL~

I just placed the widget. You should find it nicely puck above me archives. :)

Welcome again and thanks for visiting. ^