Friday, July 3, 2009

.: Nervous tension :.


“Seek knowledge as far as China”

There is still a long list of things to do, though I feel obliged to blog a few updates down my end. Thanks to all that left well wishes in an earlier post. Not forgetting the ones that emailed and contacted me via FaceBook just to inquire about my well being. Alhamdulillah, I am doing just fine. Albeit this is with the exception of item 3, that had somehow rather sparked a series of shocking alarms among peers and relations.

  • Guangzhou, China :: Counting the days. I received various feedback pertaining to my trip, and part of the drama had worn me down to a certain degree. Nevertheless, nowadays, I couldn’t care less any longer. Coming back from there, shall be a brand new chapter. Insha’Allah. Granted an opportune time, I shall blog on this one of these days.
  • Friends :: Managed to visit friends in my former workplace. Will be having a second trip on 24th July. ^^
  • Weight loss :: From a BMI of 18.3 I dropped to 16.8 in a span of almost 1 month. Normal BMI for me is in the range of 18.9 – 24.9. Total weight lost = 4kgs, approximately 1kg per week. Talk about running for The Biggest Loser show.

Any suggestions on how to gain weight, ASAP?
8.42pm Malaysian Time


ellen557 said...

I'm happy to hear you're doing well <3
Just eat late at night before bed and the weight will go right back on hahah.

Gabriel Mirza said...

Good to know that you are doing well. Hang in there.

Yasemin said...

I want to be you and lose weight like that habibty! If you eat lots of carbs like spaghetti, it happens quick. And sugar too, like the fruit I enjoy with milk for a midnight snack in the past :)

I have to admit I'm a bit nervous about your China trip. Just because Guangzhou was at the epicenter of the bird flu outbreak. But, I know you'll do fine there.

Love you lots and so impressed with your BMI!

Hajar Alwi said...

ellen557 :: Ack! That's something I don't do. Typically, my routine is to eat at least 2 hours before bed. I should try this. :)

Gabriel Mirza :: Hanging on for dear life. :) Feels like I'm in the Groundhog Day movie. Aih~

Lisa :: I do take loads of carbs and sugar. That's why I can't figure out where it all went! LoL~

I am taking precautions. Insha'Allah, I will be fine.

Love you too hun and nah ... it's not something impressive ... in fact, it is worrisome.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ms.Unique said...

Have I missed something???? Were U ill Hajar???

Alhamdulillah dat U r f9 now ... You try eating Ice-cream, french fries, fatty things LOL ...

Now U tell me hw U lost weight so I'll try to get thin dat way .. ;)

Hugs .... :)

Hajar Alwi said...

I'm not ill. And I'm hoping I won't be. :)

Awesome idea! Just need to find a way to force those things in me ... :)

Ermm ... I uhh, eat normally. I uhh, don't exercise. I uhh, clearly do not know what exactly happened. Genetics can only do so much. Maybe stress???

Hugs your way too. :)

Anonymous said...

I will not concur on it. I assume warm-hearted post. Specially the title attracted me to read the whole story.

Anonymous said...

Well I to but I think the post should acquire more info then it has.

Hajar Alwi said...

Anonymous :: Thank you so much!

Anonymous :: Don't mention it. I am glad this had helped you in some way. ^^

Anonymous :: Thanks for the insight. I'm open for suggestions. :)