Saturday, July 18, 2009

.: Walimatul urus :.


I noticed that I hardly do posts about Malay culture. Photos speak a thousand words, hence let it speak for itself. *Alright, I will admit that I am just lazy to create a draggy post*

Anyway, these Malay wedding photos were taken mid last year on my cousin's wedding day. Akin to weddings by other cultures, conducting this grand scale affair requires ::
  1. Intense Planning --- and executing it flawlessly
  2. Budget --- don't ask how much the family splurged on this
  3. Manpower --- don't ask how many people worked on it
  4. Attitude --- don't ask how many people blew / almost blew their heads off
  5. Hard Work --- excruciatingly tiring, nevertheless fun

The Wedding Dias --- Pelamin in Malay

Family and friends. *Where's my sister? She's in the picture by the way. :)*

The ermm ... banquet table? I prefer to name it as the heavenly yet devilishly tantalizing source of supreme sustenance! Food parade!!!

Oho! Ghazal! Rather odd since my cousin is not from the South. *the unmistakable distinct influence of Southerners ... coughs*

The hall after the wedding.

*Click on the photos to enlarge it.

I was the unofficial photographer for the bride's side, however those photos were taken using my cousin's camera. These are just the random snapshots I managed to shoot offhandedly with mine and a couple are actually credited to my uncle. Insha'Allah I'll showcase another typical Malay wedding scenario in future posts.

Off for breakfast.
8.54am Malaysian Time


NoR said...

that's a huge wedding hall! :)

Ms.Unique said...

Nice post :)

LOL "Attitude --- don't ask how many people blew / almost blew their heads off"

I know even here and in India the wedding cost is so much ... but it's not possible to have a decent weddng party without all the money and show LOL .. unless of course if U prefer to do it @ ur own home ... LOL and dats lot of work too ... :s

Just this last friday the Sheikh @ haram gave sermon on weddng and it's extravagance and the dress code ... It's weddng season here though ... so he had to do his duty ...

nadia said...

Everything looks so beautiful, specially the dias!

Hajar Alwi said...

Nor :: Yeap. Bet we can rollerblade in there. :P

Ms.Unique :: LoL~ Clearly depends on what one thinks is necessary or not. These are the words of a frugal, mind you. :)

I think our wedding season has ermm ... passed? Moderation is sadly, not practiced much these days.

Nadia :: Yeah. ^^ It was YELLOW, YELLOW and YELLOW everywhere~! I love how the hall has curtains, cos' normally, there isn't any.

Solace In Islam said...

I would love to see and read more about malay culture - I find it fascinating!

Majid said...

Mashallah glad you had a happy nice wedding but at the same time do we muslims attach too much imprtance to fulfilling a sunnah?

And do we actually even make the occasion less of a mercy by filling it with non islamic traditions?

I mean whats a nikah in Islam, the offer and acceptance of 2 muslims witnessed with a dowry thats fixed.

Thereafter the man celebrates with a fast called the Walimah.

My uncle just had a wedding he was always moaning about expenses and i kinda felt sorry for him so one of the pre wedding days (wednesday .. the nikah was Saturday) i arranged the food for the guests with my wife.. was all this necessary?

Salah is fard if only we put so much effort and detail into performing the Fard duty.

Where I work there is a hospitality company and the guy was tellingme the asian weddings are mad. Each subsequent clients wants a better function than the previous.

Gabriel Mirza said...

It is quite beautiful, masha'Allah.

Hajar Alwi said...

Solace In Islam :: Insha'Allah. I'll try to include more in future. :)

Majid :: If you're asking for my opinion, it is NOT necessary. In fact, I find it to be terribly wasteful. But I'm a frugal. :P

Asian weddings are crazy!!! People trying to outdo the other for what purpose exactly??? I really do not see the rationale behind it. Perhaps, I never will.

Gabriel Mirza :: Guess so. :)