Sunday, April 21, 2013

.: Indelible impression :.

Of a certain yesterday.

Regular day at work. Armed with my pen and stapled pieces of rough paper, I approached the little boy. Reserved and apprehensive to a certain extent, he mellowed down after I spent a good 2 minutes coaxing him, indicating that I wouldn't take too much of his time. Wedged in between a couple of his 8-year-old cousins, I began the journey to venture down his train of thoughts. 

Halfway through, I begin to wonder, 

Just where does the sheer joy in the simplicity of life disappear to as soon as someone crosses over to adulthood?

And I reflected on the very thing that had bothered me recently. Something that was not out of the ordinary at all, but served as a haunting disturbance that consistently taunted me to probe my thoughts to the other side of the spectrum, with questions left unanswered.

In trying to find a way out, I questioned the 2 most crucial points I hold dearly ...

Where does my sincerity lies?

And can I salvage an ounce of gratitude beneath all the dirt and rubble?

Excessive thinking can at times cause destructive effects. 

Back to basics.
9.36pm Malaysian Time


Ghadeer said...

I always wonder so. At what point did the universe begin to bore us?

Hajar Alwi said...

The universe hasn't bore me just yet, but humanity, that is something else. :)