Wednesday, June 10, 2015

.: Twisted perception :.

All that is glitter. 
The girl sits in a corner. She chews on her hair as she rocks herself to a soft lullaby. Gazing at the floor, her eyes sparkle like the stars illuminating the silvery night sky. Ironically, the same set of eyes reflect the depths of an empty soul. 
She had dreamed of being beautiful. She had read all the beauty magazines. She had idolized the celebrities and felt drawn towards their perfection. She believed in them when they said she could be beautiful too. She wanted to be just like them and become an inspiration to other girls. Girls like her.
Little did she knew that her dream would soon became a nightmare and she would remain imprisoned in the reality that she had so believed would be hers. A reality that for now has succeeded in controlling every single ounce of her life.  
The girl chuckles. 
Upon seeing an audience, she stands up, straightens the lines of her skirt and begins humming a little tune. She soon breaks into a song and dances around the room in sheer ecstasy. She is now lost in her world. A world where she is a figure of adoration.
Her singing eventually became louder and louder that her piercing screams penetrated through every nook and cranny of the room. And her screams finally revealed her silent cries of help. 
“I’m beautiful, aren’t I? They told me I’m beautiful. They said I’m a star!” 
They brought her back into her room. As she sits in her corner, chewing on her hair, and gently rocking herself to a soft lullaby, she scribbles these words on the wall: 
“I’m a star.”
And she chuckles.
Is not gold.
6.44pm, Malaysian Time

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