Monday, June 1, 2015

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Second guessing limitations.

Back from Incitement Ipoh. I reckon most would have written or shared about the contents, speakers, event flow, or possibly, the organisers. On my part, I prefer to highlight the little things that people often take for granted, but for some, these are the things that left indelible prints on them. Before anyone starts to hurl a tirade of conflicting statements, let me say that these are my personal thoughts. 

The adhan

As a Muslim, it felt really nice when the organisers kept silent throughout the adhan. Not many would do so. In fact, I have never been to an event in Malaysia, organised by non-Muslims, that actually does so. For that, I take my imaginary hat off them. 

Not saying that it is a must for non-Muslims to respect the adhan, but I personally felt it was a well-thought gesture. A week has passed and I still think it was nice of them. 

The volunteers

There is a warm feeling when you see young people volunteering their time for something they passionately believe could bring immense benefits to others. The fact that some travelled back to Ipoh just to help out is a commendable trait and I admire their spirit. 

Having spoken to a couple of them, I would say that in some ways their warmth and energy had played a significant role in making my trip all the more worthwhile. 

And as bonkers as this may sound, I would actually consider attending the next Incitement Ipoh event solely because of these two reasons. 

So for those in Ipoh or those thinking of taking a break away from chaotic KL, perhaps you can consider to pop by the event. One of their speakers is Dato’ Lat - the guy whose comics gave this city girl a glimpse of how a kampung and a simple life can be. 

At least challenge yourself to experience it once and if you like it, and if I can make it, we could probably catch-up at Incitement Ipoh's event in July, insha’Allah. I will be the introverted individual who camouflages in the background - the female version of the legendary gollum. 

Disclaimer: I am not a part of the Incitement team in Ipoh nor am I a part of the Incitement movement. I am just someone who happens to enjoy seeing enthusiastic young people doing worthwhile things. :)

Happy days.
3.08pm, Malaysian Time

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