Saturday, June 27, 2015

.: Being Me 2015 P2 :.

The compilation.

When one is on duty at conferences, one hardly has the opportunity to listen attentively to the lectures. Frankly, I only managed to scribble down a paltry selection of wisdom from Shaykhaa Wafaa's and Prof. Muhaya's lectures. Most points were highlighted in the previous post - Being Me 2015 P1.

As for my remaining notes, I have compiled it with a handful of Being Me GEMS that I came across recently via Twitter. Blessed the souls of the individuals who had been so kind to share it with the mass. May Allah SWT reward them well for their thoughtful gesture, ameen. 

Bear in mind that these points are carefully selected due to the impact it has on me. Should you want to seek other GEMS, kindly search for #LoveAisha or #BeingMe2015. Both hashtags work for Twitter and Facebook, insha'Allah.
  1. What you manifest outside, is what you are feeling inside.
  2. Make your secret life better than your public life. Your DVD will be uploaded on Judgement Day for all to see.
  3. Being nice to others is an act of worship.
  4. No matter how good your level of optimism is, you can always better that.
  5. We spend so much time on social media, yet we do not use it to our own benefits.
  6. The hijab is not to shape your face, it is to shape your heart. 
  7. We forgot to be amazed over how beautiful the cloud is, so how can we be happy? The attitude of the believer is that he praises.
  8. The biggest danger to our hayaa' these days is our conduct with non-mahram men.
  9. When we find our passion, we do not have to push ourselves. We will be driven by it.
  10. The reason we wear hijab first is to identify us - we are Muslims and we are proud of it.
  11. True living is all about giving with a strong, clean and soft heart.
  12. Hide your good deeds as much as you hide your evil doings.
  13. Not that women cannot interact with non-mahram men, but adab must be followed in order to protect your self-respect.
  14. Marry someone for their character. Marry someone who will be there for you whether you are 300 or 110 pounds.
  15. Hayaa' and modesty will be taken first from this dunya.
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Aiman Amri said...

Just realise that I forgot to read this. Done reading. Thank you very much for this post. Jazakillahu khair.

Hajar Alwi said...

Wa anta fa jazak'Allahu khairan Aiman. :)