Friday, July 10, 2015

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Two months ago I blogged of my intention to attend this month's edition of Incitement Ipoh. Alas, my schedule doesn't permit me to do so. But hey, just because I have to give it a miss, doesn't necessarily mean others should too. 

Here's a quick teaser for those who may want to attend it:

Wicked looking banner eh? The good news is the artist happens to be one of the invited speakers. So if you'd like to see more of his work, catch him and other speakers this Saturday, 11 July at Sepaloh Art Centre, Ipoh. Registration begins at 7.30pm and the event ends around 10.00pm.

Since this is suppose to be a teaser, you can jolly well do the rest of your homework yourself. Go dig for more info at Incitement Ipoh's:

Bring along your family and friends to have a good time there, alright?

While we're still on the subject of authentic self and Ipoh, allow me to share this mind-blowing piece written recently by Ipoh-born Brother Ikhwan Ng:

"Why choose Islam?" They say..
Because embrace Islam won't mean that I have converted into another race. I'm still who I am, the only difference is I obey to Allah SWT and witness prophet Muhammad saw as the last prophet.
I don't mind being label as "Malay", because Allah SWT never judge me upon my race and skin color. He loves those who devoted to His commandments. Chinese is my race while Islam is my Deen.
People say that Muslim and Islam is an "orthodox" religion. Nothing special in it and looks dull. I have read and research Islam and my conclusion is totally different. Islam is way ahead from Technology and humans knowledge, as al-Mighty Creator is All-Knowing.. He knows every creations more than anyone and to Him we belongs.
People say that being Muslim don't look "Cool". I don't admire western cultural much, calling me in any English name and speaking fluent English won't make me a Brad Pitt. I choose to be who I am, for I have chosen to be Ikhwan Ng.

Now that's what I call hardcore authentic self! :)
6.19am, Malaysian Time

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