Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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Polly want a cracker? 

Breadcrumbs. There were breadcrumbs on the sidewalk. Before long, pigeons began to flock the area, scrambling for crumbs. 

A little girl peeked from behind a wall. She smiled. She had been feeding the pigeons with her breadcrumbs. She knew there were pigeons around. She felt generous and wanted to share. She believed that by doing so, she could probably score extra brownie points with God. 

She had been doing it for quite a while until another girl comes by. The girl too had the same intention. She wanted to feed the pigeons too. Together, they fed the pigeons. Their intentions were pure. They only wanted to share the little that they have. 

Along comes another girl. She had seen the pigeons. Unlike the two girls, this girl felt she had something far better to offer. She had crackers. She scattered some at the sidewalk and felt contented that the pigeons had something better as a meal. 

And the pigeons ate. The pigeons ate the crackers and the breadcrumbs. The pigeons did not differentiate the people who fed them and the food that they were given. 

In real life, the pigeons represent less privileged people, whereas the girls represent our society. Quite a number of places and people run soup kitchens. These people do it out of their consideration and goodwill towards others. It has never been about who could offer better or more food. In fact, these people try to work together. Because the goal is to provide food to the less privileged. 

The place where we live in would be a far better place if individuals could also have the same mentality when it comes to other areas besides charity. Whenever possible, be a catalyst for change to happen. Inspire others to pool resources and work together. But above all, remain focused on achieving the goal. 

After all, life has never been about getting recognition from others. What comes from the heart, goes straight to the heart. So give from your heart. Be sincere. Be genuine. Be real. 

And life will return the favour back to you.
3.22pm, Malaysian Time

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