Tuesday, July 12, 2016

.: 开斋节 :.


Taking this opportunity to wish everyone a blessed Eid! Hope you had a great time with your loved ones! Do forgive me if I had erred on my part or if I had hurt you in any way.

On a personal note, this Eid has been a mixture of joy and sadness. Joy, because this is my first Eid as a wife. Sadness, due to the passing of my uncle. Even so, I hope and pray may Allah continue to bless us and keep us under His mercy and guidance at all times. May He accept my uncle's good deeds and place him among the righteous as well, ameen.

With the passing of a soul,
Marks not the ending of the journey,
Of a lifetime.

For those who truly lived,
Their legacy remains,
For all eternity. 

May one day we shall all be reunited,
In the eternal abode,
Living side by side.

Till then,
Until that very union,
Life goes on. 

Kuala Lumpur.
10.18am, Malaysian Time

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