Thursday, July 14, 2016

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Northwestern China.

Being married to a foreigner comes with a fair share of foodie perks. For example, one gets to learn the recipes, cooking techniques and savour succulent food commonly served in that particular country. In my case, the said country is China. 

While some may argue that food from China is similar to the Chinese food we have over here in Malaysia, there are varieties that cannot be found here at all. In fact, when one talks about dumplings, there are countless varieties available in China. The dumplings differ from its cooking method to type of fillings, textures, shapes and sizes. And I am only talking about dumplings. I have not started on the noodles, congee, sweets and other delicacies. It is kind of hilarious when I make certain Chinese food and my husband tells me he has never eaten it before. China is that vast!

Coming back closer to home, those staying in Kuala Lumpur would be familiar with some of the Chinese Muslim food served in Chinese Muslim restaurants run by China nationals. Some of these food include Lanzhou hand-pulled beef noodles or "Mee Tarik" as well as the Xinjiang skewed meat or "Satay".

Soon insha'Allah I will be back in our Southern home, good 'ole Johor Bahru. Anticipating the moment I can whip up some Northwestern China cuisine in the lab.

Pure joy!
3.22pm, Malaysian Time

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