Thursday, July 28, 2016

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Extending reach.

Of late, I have been keeping myself occupied by compiling social media accounts of:

1) Charitable and Volunteer Organisations or Groups (Malaysia)
2) Charitable and Volunteer Organisations or Groups (Singapore)
3) Chinese Muslim businesses (Malaysia)
4) Chinese Muslim businesses (Singapore)
5) Reverts businesses (Malaysia)

The main reason behind doing all this is mostly for my own reference. However it occurred to me that perhaps the directories can be of benefit to others as well. Aside from finding suitable organisations to channel charity, one could offer to be a volunteer, support the businesses of others or use these directories as a networking platform, just to name a few benefits. 

All these directories will be made available under "The Lists" tab. For now I have uploaded Charitable and Volunteer Organisations or Groups (Malaysia). All directories will insha'Allah be kept updated. As the directories can be quite extensive, I would appreciate if readers could notify me if there are any broken or updated links as well as other links that could be included. 

As mentioned before, this is purely done out of my own accord therefore there are no charges involved. Kindly help to spread "The Lists" page for the benefit of others.

I thank you in advance.
12.33noon, Malaysian Time

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