Friday, November 7, 2008

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Harry Potter?

*Typical traditional Malay formal attire with a twist.
"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

Dr. Seuss
What is life without a little aggravation? Regardless of how constructive or vile it may be, some react to it sensibly whereas others choose to live a life depicting themselves as something they're not; masked in a life full of lies, half-truths and innuendos. Thus is the bitter realization on the existence of charlatans.

As a child, my mum used to scare me with stories of how someone will cut off my tongue if I ever lie. *she has a tendency to relate horror stories, all in the name of instilling good moral values ... as preposterous some may be, it must have worked as I believed in all of it then.* It's not like I have never been deceitful before. There are skeletons in my closet, and I'm sure everybody has their own dirty little secret that they will resort to just about anything so that it remains as a hush hush. I suppose, one can never reveal all of oneself let alone being completely true to others. That's fine, albeit what irks me is when deceptions are habitually done. In the place of a sanctimonious two-face, why not be like the headless mannequin represented above? Works the same for me.

People have been telling that I should change. Nothing related to those characteristics or behavioral patterns, but more towards my outer appearance. It's pretty sad when it's uttered by people that I consider as friends. Statements such as "Wear a smaller hijab, career-wise you'll advance further." *
shouldn't it be based on merits?*, "You're young. Why do you confine yourself?" *so we are the young and the restless?* and "Use make-up!". *No. Had enough of it.* Fully aware that there are people that judge you base on appearances.

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. :)
12.30 noon Malaysian Time


Aisyah Mazelan said...

salaam. haha. my teacher told me about the tongue cutting stories. well, yep. i was kinda scared to lie. guess it worked.

Ms.Unique said...

Yup ppl sometimes do judge by your outer appearance and it's a real pitty especially when it comes out of the mouth of Muslims and ppl close to u .... May Allah guide us all to the straight path Ameen ...

I like the dress on display. Anyways I've already started my personal journal blog but it's only for invited ppl .... so pls let me know if u want to be invited ......

Hajar Alwi said...

W'salam Miss Ash :: Think those kind of stories are a common thing here. ^

Ms. Unique :: My sentiments exactly.

I like it too, but it's not something I'd really wear. Haha~ By all means, I'll appreciate that. Thanks a lot for extending the invitation. :)


Zamzam Design said...

Salam Hajar,

I'm glad al-hamdolillah you don't care about what people say or thinks. Wearing hijab is all about that, I think. It's about showing people that your are something more than just what you look like from the outside. It's about being true and not hiding behind a made-up appearance. I feel I'm more 'me' since I wear hijab. Because I cannot 'pretend' as I used to do before.

Aisyah Mazelan said...

hajar, just posted a new poem. can you give a comment? just look at the poetry labels okay?

Lisa B said...

The outfits you shot are very pretty and your quote and writing very thought provoking. Be yourself :).

Hajar Alwi said...

W'salam Audrey :: Exactly. The hijab does leaves little space for ambiguity for the wearer, and being judged purely based as the person that you really are sure beats being acknowledged for a pretentious life. :)

Miss Ash :: Just did. It's the little things, right? ^

Lisa :: I almost didn't make that shot. Here's a little something I used to quote; "Don't be anything but yourself. If people can't accept that, well ... that's their problem."


Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum

Nice insight! Yes, it's true...why live a life full of pretence. Cos it would only be too fake and painful in the long run. Wallahu3alam

By the way, the picture of the "pengantin" suit posted looks uber-modern yea.

Personally, I noticed (after attending numerous walimahs) that bridal costumes have lost their traditional touch.

Salam ukhuwah
Heryanti @ globetrekkerdiaries

Hajar Alwi said...

W'salam Heryanti :: Welcome. ^^

Just one of the many extravagantly outlandish wedding attires we have now. True, it has lost most of its traditional touch, and the girl's outfit sort of reminded me of Saloma during her heyday. Haha~

For my part, I'm pretty much contented with the plain simple evergreen "Baju Kurung". :)


Aisyah Mazelan said...

nope. it's there she goes. please, rate it. i think it's quite bad and it's on laugh out loud under the labels of poetry.anyway, tq.

Hajar Alwi said...

Assalamualaikum Miss Ash ::

Must have been an oversight. Nonetheless, I've commented on your latest piece. :)