Wednesday, November 12, 2008

.: Minting mettle :.

Darwinistic "Evolve or Die" maxim.

Here's an expression that's quite commonly used amongst my circle of friends. "You die, I die, we all die." *what kind of friends does she have?* Shedding some light, the statement is meant as in if you sink, then we shall all sink. In other words, we are all in this together. *no attempt to sound like HSM*

Hooked up with a close friend of mine, Nora last Monday. Haven't seen her for close to 4 years. In fact, it was only end of last year when we contacted one another. Between us, nothing much has changed. She is definitely one of my pillars of strengths, great person to confide to, and continuously update me on the well-being of our friends. I always say that she's the link that ties us altogether. Talked quite a bit, and will be doing more of that since I'll be around more often. Seriously need to make it up to her, after all those years of neglect. Insya'Allah.

The meet-up was at KLCC. She was still at home when I arrived, thus I made my way to Kinokuniya. Bad move. As it is, I'd already splurged on books the week before, and the week before that. Had meant to ease it up a little, except I couldn't resist to get my hands on a couple more. *this only happens with books* Cutting the story short, I managed to control myself to purchase just one book. Had my choices narrowed down between Girls of Riyadh and Chronicles of the Maya Kings and Queens. I settled for GoR. Definitely not my average choice of reading material, but I was looking for some light reading. Pleased mixed with aghast feelings, I proceeded to 1901 (a hot dog store). Normally, I will wait till the person arrive. Somehow, my tummy got the best of me. Believe it or not, it was my first time eating there. That was our meeting point.

Soon after, Nora arrived.
*she walked all the way to KLCC from Bukit Nenas ... no clue on how far that is ... the look on her face made it clear though* She felt that the surrounding wasn't fitting so we shifted to Nando's, making it my fourth time there. *I hardly eat out ... that's why I can roughly recall the number of times I actually frequent somewhere* While we were busy reconnecting, there was a child seated near to us. I am guessing he's about 5. He kept popping his head and enthusiastically chimed "Hi! and "Cak!". Nora was telling me that I have an admirer; which is really cute. *he is cute ... like any other kid ... I once heard someone say that babies look like monkeys ... guess that's where Darwin got his theory ... no offence.* Ended close to 9.45pm and headed home.

To most people, I decline to have any outings at night. Nora is an exception, as like a handful of others. Feel free to discover the reasons yourself.

Now that takes an awful lot of spunk. :)
5.35pm Malaysian Time

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