Sunday, November 30, 2008

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Muslim Aid Asia.

Eid is about 1 week away. Mum asked whether my sister and I would like to do qurban back home. Wanting to do something different, I scoured the net in search of other alternatives. That's when I stumbled on Muslim Aid Asia's (MAA) blog. Reading the blog and perusing the website alone weren't sufficient for me, thus I visited their main office in Bangsar to get further information.

~ Taking into consideration how volatile the Internet can be, on top of the amount of dubious swindling individuals loitering around in cyberspace, one simply can't resist the temptations to seek legitimacy.

Here's an excerpt from ther Qurban 4 Life (Q4L) webpage ::

Muslim Aid Asia (MAA) calls on you to donate your sacrifice, religious duty, to the world's most needy families-give a Qurban4Life. MAA monitors the certified halal process of your Qurbans. As part of our effort to provide quality food aid distribution, MAA sources livestock according to Islamic specifications.

Slaughtering will be carried out on the 10th to 13th Zulhijjah 1429H (December 8-11,2008) at facilities chosen by MAA. The facilities are those certified halal by the Australian Federation of Islamic Development (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia-JAKIM).

Food For Life - Q4L Mechanism:

Slaughtered meat are distributed either in canned, frozen or fresh forms. The form differs depending on the country's needs, logistics, living conditions and present situation. Meanwhile, each sheep makes about 24 cans. Neither the wool nor the bones are spared as it will be distributed as coats, blankets and other items. This time around, the countries that receive the food aid are Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon. For other aids, it is extended to Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

UK Brochure

MAA Q4L Blog (in Malay) ::

Further delving into the other MAA's ongoing projects, are the "Water For Life", "Micro Enterprise", "Health Matters", "Education & Skills Training", "Sustainable Development & Agriculture", "Orphan Aid" and "Donations" projects. Every project is supplemented with descriptions of its products, however the mode remains relatively similar to Q4L. Donors are expected to donate by purchasing a product under the respective projects. Examples of products are water wells, fishing boats, vaccination kits, teaching aids as well as farming tools. Alternatively, there is the Sadaqah.

Past projects include "Glitters of Tomorrow", "My Kitchen Garden" and "Fast 2 Feed".

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