Sunday, November 30, 2008

.: E.R. :.

Remember Dr. Doug Ross?

The post entitled Time Away brought upon some rather fetching comments. Never know there are so many curious cats purring around. To clear things up, at the same time putting it to rest, here's the background of what made the statement being uttered.

In Muzdalifah, I became seriously ill. That was how my close relationship with the medical team and mutawifs began. While the doctors shared their medical knowledge, the mutawifs aided in other areas.

Our conversation were::
Dr. 1:: Here is your prescription.
Me:: Are those tablets or capsules?
Dr. 1:: It comes in both.
Me:: I don't know how to swallow. Can I cut or dilute it?
Dr. 1:: You are really a child.
Me:: I'm serious. Can't you jab me instead?

Another doctor.
Dr. 2:: Here. Eat it in front of me.
Me:: Can't I eat it in my room?
Dr. 2:: No. I want to see you eating it.
Me:: Can I melt it?

Third doctor.
Dr. 3:: Try placing it at the back of your throat and gulp lots of water.
Me :: Tried that. Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't.
Dr. 3:: What happens when it doesn't?
Me :: Depends. I can continue gulping water, chew it or throw it.
Dr. 3 :: Doesn't taste awful?
Me :: Used to it.

After several similar accounts, one of the brothers brought the statement up. Anyway, this clearly explains why I dread going to the doctors. It is the medication that deters me. I am not embarrassed to admit that I have problems in consuming medication. Some people find my inability as silly, whereas others think it's cute. Perhaps I should take an apple a day, to keep the pills at bay.

I'm back. :)
4.54pm Malaysian Time


Anonymous said...


I was laughing reading this post & thinking how silly & amusingy those comments to the previous post must've appeared.(Although i suspect the ambiguity there was somewhat intentional.hmmm)

I would prefer to swallow 100 pills than opt for a jab!! And i thought i was childish.
Your inability to swallow, at your age, is cute & funny.

Wish you health.

Hajar Alwi said...

W'salam Serendipitiouslife ::

Intentional? Me? Noo! *haha~*

Having to take 3 pills is already nightmare for me let alone 100! That's not childish at all since most of the people I know don't really fancy jabs.

Aih~ it isn't half as cute comparatively to when family and friends help out with the whole tablet melting process. ^^

Lots of thanks, and the same goes to you. :)


Lisa B said...

Hajar, good to see you (read you) back blogging again, hope you are feeling much better and the problems are in the past :)

Aisyah Mazelan said...

i know this is strange but i love to take medicines. especially the one for kids. but i know it's not gonna work for me.

Hajar Alwi said...

Lisa B :: Am certainly feeling better! :)

Miss Ash :: Whoaa~ is that for real? Even the kiddy ones repulse me.