Sunday, January 25, 2009

.: Retrospect :.

یک روز دیدی دوست، روزی دیگر دیدی برادر

The first day you meet, you are friends. The next day you meet, you are brothers.
Afghan proverb

In my former workplace, I had to take care of a group of Afghanistan students. There were about 11 of them, 10 guys and a girl.

The guard revealed that the girl is having adjustment problems, spending her time cooped up in her room, crying. Although she’s older than me, I always thought of her as a younger sister. *I am old, really. :)* So I went to talk to her, with intentions of alleviating her homesickness. Language made my efforts futile. Thus, I relied heavily on the Sikh guard.

Sometimes I see her sitting on the slopes, gazing intensely at the sky as if she’s trying hard to see the images of her hometown. Whenever I’m able to, I’ll join her. With the limited conversations, I found bits and pieces of her world. She speaks affectionately of her mum, her fiancé, and her friends.

Days, weeks and months went by. Gradually, she settled herself. Calls from her started to disappear. It didn’t matter; as long as I know she’s fine. *the Sikh guard kept me informed* A year passed and she went back to Afghanistan, all smiles.

I experienced homesickness a long time ago. Perhaps you may not even call it as that as I was only 6 or 7. Over the years, I have come to terms on dealing with it to the point that I hardly call home because I never feel like I’m away. Friends get puzzled on my capacity to distance myself. Sis on the other hand says I have a heart of stone. *it’s in the name; hajar in Arabic is stone. trust my siblings to name me* Seeing her situation, made me realize that I may had gone a little overboard on the independent stage. It made me reflect on my actions, to spare more thought on family ties.

When she left, I was at home. We never really got to say goodbye. If she ever reads this, I have one thing to say to her.

Sister Shukriya, shukriya. :)
10.16am Malaysian Time


Ms.Unique said...

Yup ppl do get homesick sometimes ... but sometimes it's other way round like ppl leave their loved ones bcoz of problems at home and to spare the pain .... well I havent been away from my family (my mum will never do that though if she does it'll be a good lesson for me in self-confidence, speaking for myself, not shying away too much) but if I did get a chance Insha Allah I'll make it point to call them everyday to let them know how my day went yeah i know the routine will bcom boring but I won't be able to help it and even if I don't my mum will call coz she won't rest in peace away from me .... lol

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Hajar.

You are unique and from this writing I can say that, you are strong that's why you can suppress your homesickness.

Aisyah Mazelan said...

everytime i go on a trip, i'll call my mum and dad every two hours 'cause i miss my family. haha. i am spoilt.

Mina said...

Beautiful proverb...

and an even more beautiful post, Mashallah, thats very sweet you was there for the other sister May Allah reward you for your good deeds, Ameen.

Really put a smile on my face.
Jazakallah khair sis.

BMW said...

What a nice post!!!

On another note, I always wanted to visit Malaysia!

-Ihssan :)

Hajar Alwi said...

Ms.Unique :: LoL. Great to know that. ^ Since then, I still hardly call *I have issues in calling people*, yet I try to make it a point to text them every now and then.

KakChik :: W'salam Kak Chik. I beg to differ, strength may have nothing to do with it.

Miss ash :: Every 2 hours? Whoaa~! I'm speechless.

Mina :: I remembered hearing someone say, "When people come to Malaysia, they're not guests. Instead, they're a distant family. Therefore treat them as how you'll treat your own."

It could have come from our Prime Minister or the Tourism Minister, really can't recall who. His words stuck onto me though.

Thank you so much sis. I'm truly grateful for your kind words. ^^

Ihssan :: Welcome! I was just perusing your blog that has an equally nice post. ^^ O-wow! By all means, do come! Insya'Allah, if I'm here I'd be more than happy to show you around. :)


Mina said...

Oh wow, thats so sweet:)