Friday, January 23, 2009

.: Crack of dawn :.

As far as my feet will take me.

Do you have one of those days when you just feel like being in seclusion?

Not the ones where you choose to lock yourself out from the world. More of doing things alone, toying with time to value the things around.

There are times when I’ll go to places on my own. It can be a park, an exhibition, the bookstore, pavements, even the mosque, just about anywhere that my feet take me. Often I’ll find myself in high or open spaces when amongst throngs of people, tuning them out becomes natural, all in the name of disentangling from home, work, friends, family and everyday affairs, opting to commune with the great outdoors together with the idea of being lost in the inexplicable wondrous marvels of life.

Once there, my tools are a pen and a notebook. Scribbling, doodling, sketching thoughts that pass through my mind, the camera helps in permeating the memory lapse I may undergo in future. *the brain has gone on a sharp strike, give it some space or it’ll burst*

Times like these, even the flutter of a mere leaf is enough to set me on the ride of a never-ending escapade in seeing things in diverse angles. The simplicity of noticing things, bewildered with the seemingly incomprehensible outlook. There are lessons learnt in writings, the media, some from experiences, and others from people. Grasping the gist straight from the sources itself, is the added alternative.

Amid the hustle and bustle of city life, omit the daily sights and sounds surrounding you. Imagine that you are all alone. Try to listen and see the little things. In the dead silence, do you hear the whispers of the winds? Do you feel it brushing against you? Do you see it blowing gently through your flowing garments? Otherwise, do you sense or savor its purity? Do you spot the child enjoying every last bit of it? And do you allow yourself to let loose the child in you?

The winds reveal itself in a myriad of ways. So do other things. It’s just about looking at it from a different perspective, and the extent of finding the means of viewing it. I suppose, mine is more apt when I’m alone since I don’t fancy spacing out in a company of family or friends. *I find it rude* However, it has been done before, unintentionally. In public, strangers tend to interrupt, but it is more of me taking the dive into their world.

Of course, one need not always venture out. In most situations, I do it in the comfort of home, albeit it frequently happen in the wee hours resulting to the constant disposal on sleep, hence I try to schedule it every other day so as not to cause any disruptions in health, and day activities. *the passion for sleep typically gets overridden by thoughts*

Moving on, Blogger is being extra cute, it won't let me upload pics. Going south plans are canceled as my uncle is having an operation today. *it's a minor one but the thing about family is no matter how little it may be, they'll be there* Mum and dad will reach here later. The silver lining on top of this is, my Chinese New Year holidays starts tomorrow till 2nd Feb!

Awesome! :)
5.44am Malaysian Time


Aisyah Mazelan said...

i think that blogger is under construction. i, once, couldn't upload any picture. so, just wait. it'll come back.

Yoli said...

You write so beautifully my friend. It is a joy to read this blog.

Hijabee said...

Lucky you! you're on holiday till February! I'm so jaleous!!! I was able to upload pictures on Blogger yesterday, so maybe you should try again. I'd love to see your pics. And sometimes, I do feel this exact way that you're describing. I don't know what it is, it just happens, and I feel way better once I get out for a while, breathe some fresh air, walk on my own and come back!

Ms.Unique said...

I do feel that way but unfortunately I can't experience that freedom here :( ..... anyways May cure ur Uncle asap Ameen .... enjoy ur holidays ....

Hajar Alwi said...

Miss Ash :: LoL. Yeah, I think so. There was a scheduled outage that I missed out on reading. :)

Yoli :: Aww~ You too. ^

Hijabee :: I know! Most of my friends need to apply for extra leave! Blogger is being super sweet now. Haha~ A short brisk walk always make me feel better.

Ms.Unique :: O-my, I hope I'm not making you feel left out. Sorry sis. On my uncle, Alhamdulillah, he's doing much better. Thanks! ^^