Monday, January 19, 2009

.: Brief hiatus :.

The Year of the Ox.

Approximately 1 week to go, and the Chinese New Year [CNY] vibes are almost everywhere, hence I shall spend the last days of the year of the Rat on wrapping up as much work as possible. *the office will be dead* Next post will most probably be on Friday.

Stuff that I scribbled ::
  • Sometime ago someone requested for an article on time management. I guess I'm in no position to write anything on that since I have been very bad at it lately. Insya'Allah, after the CNY break.
  • Is it just me or is there an upsurge on the number of reverts in KL?
  • A comment from my Mandarin teacher; "Every time I speak to you, you remind me of the people of my hometown." I speak like a Sichuanese! *Cool~ I should have heeded my aunt when she said I should become a linguist*
  • Read my Chinese horoscopes for the year of the Ox. It predicted that I shall become domesticated. *sarcasm* I have been doing lots of cooking. *The only language of love that I speak of that has anything to do with this world revolves around food!* Sis is really pushing it by getting me to do the chores. The other day I joked with her saying we should really get a weekend maid, and she said "What for when we have you?". For crying out loud, I may just end up like one of those housewives that sings, dances, topped with plastered smiles radiating in euphoria, over chores. *I know some people do enjoy chores. I do. To a certain extent. More than that may result to me being mentally deranged. Am in full admiration to all that does it well. All hail the supermums!*
  • I'm heading south this weekend @ CNY! *not my hometown* Mum called yesterday whether I can pop-over to help her make cookies and love letters. *coughs* Going there also means that I may be able hike up the hill, to finally sketch that isolated temple. *the audacity ... coughs* I need dad to distract mum, at least until I get halfway up there. :)
Love letters :: Also known as Kuih Kapit or Kuih Sepit. Kapit or Sepit when used here roughly carries the same meaning, that is pressed tightly. It is derived from the cooking method, thereby one pours the batter on the mould, closing it tightly. I liken it to crispy thin waffles, with a crepe-like texture. Tourism Penang has the recipe in case anyone wants it. *what were you thinking? That I actually agree to help mum make real love letters? I won't get pass the first sentence!*

To Malaysians :: You may want to view this blog; Coalition of Malaysian NGOs Against Persecution of Palestinians [COMPLETE]. They launched a 'Save the Palestinians' campaign yesterday. Here's their FB account link if you want to be kept updated.

The Sisterhood of Travelling Hijab :: Been meaning to write on this. Not sure if Hijabee is still accepting participants or has the blog been made private. Anyway, do a quick blog-hop there if you're interested. ^^

So much to write, so much to be done. Bah~

Addendum; 1.54pm.
9.54am Malaysian Time


Ms.Unique said...

I hope U don't believe in all the nonsense the horoscope says and I hope U know it's Shirk Al-Akbar to even jest with it .... Once upon a time I used to read it and believe it too until I came to know abt the seriousness of this sin .... Subhan Allah and so many ppl r ignorant abt it too ....

Hajar Alwi said...

Ms. Unique :: I don't. It's more of me rationalizing on the roots layered with irony. Choice of words do make a huge difference. Anyway, any similarities with actual occurrences, are purely coincidental. :)

In context of shirk or kufr, to name one of the sources, it was mentioned by Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi in the Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam. I'm aware that it is best to remove oneself from having harmless glances of it as it may bring some form of influence.

PS:: Thanks for the reminder sis. :)


Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

That's a very nice blog idea. (Sisterhood of the traveling hijab)