Thursday, January 8, 2009

.: Getting to know you :.

Getting to know all about you~

departmental trip. Thought of having some time to myself, having a walk at the beach. Never occurred to me that one of my friends wanted to tag along. So I had my morning walk with him. He’s from Hyderabad, India. Yes, he’s married, has a kid and I know his wife.

Anyway, he was concerned whether I’d feel uncomfortable since I sort of hesitated to budge when he said he’s coming along. The hesitation was because I never really talk to him, so I thought the walk might create an awkward moment. From another perspective, perhaps it may be for the better, and it did.

He talked about his hometown. On how it’s like. The people, the environment on how different it is with Malaysia. Living in the countryside, they didn’t have a proper piping system, relying heavily on the river. Thus he talked about how he used to have walks at the riverbanks with family and friends. After all those years staying here, he has yet to adapt to the Malaysian food.

Me: Get your wife to cook it then. That’s what she’s for. *I was joking on this*
Friend: No no no! She still cannot cook like my mum!
Me: Then you should have married your mum, shouldn’t you?

While walking, we came across some locals. Curious to know what they were doing, he asked me to be the translator as if I wasn’t curious myself. I’ll say that his Malay proficiency is on par with my Hindi proficiency. At work, he does all the Hindi talking for us. Without him, it’d take us ages with the hand signals. One of my former colleagues calls him the baby of the office cos he’s really like a baby. He goes around calling me Ms. Siti, after various desperate attempts to get him to call me Hajar failed.

Another Friend: Don’t make his life harder Hajar.
Me: I haven’t even tried.

It’s amazing how working with him for months, I only knew so little about him but just a couple of hours, I know his life story.

Shall we dance?
8.49pm Malaysian Time


Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams sis..

As for me, dont really have the time to blog anymore but I try to log on to FB to catch up with some close friends... Ive added u by the way.. hee...

Take care.

Hajar Alwi said...

W'salam Sis,

الحمد لله
هل أنت جاد؟

That's as far as I can go. :P I just left a message in ur FB. Take care of yourself, your family and especially the little habib. ^