Tuesday, February 24, 2009

.: Home and away :.

The lives of the expats.

Some of my married friends left their family back in their home country when they decided to migrate to Malaysia for work, only to return home during festivities or breaks. I frequently find myself intrigued on their capabilities to deal with it. Several of my married friends, still stuck with their husband *coughs* detest the thought of being away even for the quickest absence of time, with one stating if need to be she’ll follow her husband wherever he goes so that she never loses sight of him. *she’s seriously keeping into the whole deal of, 'till death do us part' for real* I won’t condemn such reactions on the basis of lack of trust, insecurity, clingy or etc. and try to see it in a positive light. I’m still working on that.

Occasionally, when new faces arrive, friends go all disoriented in finding whether he/she jumped in the bandwagon of the lot that left the family. Common statements like; I can’t believe you ditch your family! Or They must be crying right now! On top of the classic, Why didn’t you bring them here? suitably blends into our conversations.

Honestly, it’s mind-boggling how the expats are able to come up with their idiosyncratic responses to such queries without illustrating any form of agitation by it. Other friends that go to their rescue, save the day with, Mind your own business! It’s terrible enough they have to leave home! You’re only alienating them by doing this!

It’s funny when a few advised me to stay clear from these people, indicating that some may take me as fair game. Friends being friends are only keeping a lookout for me.

I’m also asked to keep my distance from the singletons; that might be married, but pretends to be available. For the record, up there in that twisted mind of mine, I regard all guys as married, particularly when they claim they’re not. Every other guy is seen as granddad, uncle, brother or else when I’m sick in the mind, son level. *I’ve yet to find anyone that can stoop to be worthy of the grandson status* Hence, I’ll say I pretty much covered on setting my distance.

Friend:: You know what, you’re my very first Malay girl friend.
Me:: Dude, that sounds so wrong.
Friend:: Haha~ You’re funny.
Me:: I’m not being funny. It really does sound wrong.
Friend:: Haha~

The stares of disbelief I got after that.
10.39am Malaysian Time


Ms.Unique said...

God! dats sooooooo wrong of him to say dat .... u should've showed ur punch ....

lala said...

LOL well I'm happy you stood your ground and let him firmly know it's wrong. InshAllah you'll be a great influence!!!

Hajar Alwi said...

Ms. Unique:: Although I'm able to, I choose not to. :)

M.J:: Welcome! ^^ Insha'Allah. :)