Monday, February 2, 2009

.: Quickie :.

Instant entry.

These posts were floating around in my head since 4am. With moments to spare before I embark on that thrilling journey to the Kingdom of Household Tasks, I'll do a quick post on it. *cringes as it's the last day of holiday ...*

Children of Gaza :: Beautiful thoughtful project organized by Sister Farhana. Reminds me of the project held yearly by the MPH bookstores during Christmas.

Sister in need :: These kind of occurrences happen almost everywhere. Even in Malaysia. Nonetheless, as sisters, let's try to do our part.

Lastly, may the efforts of Sister Farhana and Sister Hijabee be of assistance to the ones that could do with it.

11.30am Malaysian Time


Ms.Unique said...

Yup that was really nice of them ... May Allah reward U all immensely .. Ameen

Hijabee said...

Thank you for mentionning this on your blog. May Allah reward you!

Hajar Alwi said...

Ms. Unique & Hijabee :: Likewise. ^^