Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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The day I trampled on my friend's nerves.

There were limited people that knew I was going for Hajj. The few that knew had almost the exact question …

"Don’t you think you’re a bit too young for Hajj?"

As far as I’m concerned, my Bruneian friends went for theirs in their early teens.

I kept the matter hushed up till the last day of work, when I text my other friends telling them about it. *I can’t let them think that I’ve gone missing again* Throughout that day, I have friends coming over my place giving me well wishes etc. That’s when I realize I have a considerably large network of sisters. Naturally, I expected friends to request me to supplicate for them. Some did whilst some stunned me for a while.

Friends:: So, after you’ve prayed for us, we want you to pray for yourself.
Me:: I can’t promise that I’ll convey all your wishes, but Insya’Allah. And it’d be strange if I don’t pray for myself too.
Friends:: We are referring that you'll pray on marriage. You know, you getting married and stuff. Getting the right guy. You don't need us to spell it out, do you?
Me:: Owh that. Well uhh … again, no promises. Uhh, thanks for the reminder. :)

Yeah, I was stunned. *coughs ... strange that they didn’t think I’m too young for marriage … coughs* It’s a good thing I left my cell at home cos I received similar texts.

And I totally forgot to ask. No, it wasn’t intentional. I really did forget. I may have asked for it indirectly though. When friends found out, this was their reaction …


Classic. :)
9.50am Malaysian Time


Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

LOL! that was funny that they thought you are too young to go to hajj, but not too young to get married!

Aisyah Mazelan said...

I seriously laughed out loud on this one. BTW, I think you should pray for your marriage once you're in Mecca again.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

Why do they think you are too young to do hajj? So long as you are over the age of puberty. Anyway, I laughed because people always hassle me about marriage too.
InshaAllah the next time you go to hajj you go with your husband. :)

Ms.Unique said...

Yeah I know abt such annoying questions some ppl put ..... ignorant certainly they are ... coz one of the conditions for doing hajj are maturity of age (which of course u were *rolls eyes*) ... duh! .... Lol

Hajar Alwi said...

Hajar:: I have funny friends. :)

Miss Ash:: Insya'Allah. Do remind me if I make it there again. There's a tendency of me forgetting it. :)

Al-Ghariba:: Wa'alaikumussalam. Firstly, welcome to the blog! ^^

If I were to use a general perception, most of the Malaysian pilgrims that went then were in their 30s and above.

Insya'Allah. Likewise to you too. :)

Ms. Unique:: I'm still a baby. Really. Haha~!