Sunday, April 26, 2009

.: 美麗的神話 .:

The beautiful myth.

夢中人熟悉的臉孔 你是我守候的溫柔

就算淚水淹沒天地 我不會放手

每一刻孤獨的承受 只因我曾許下承諾

你我之間熟悉的感動 愛就要甦醒

萬世滄桑唯有愛是 永遠的神話

潮起潮落始終不悔 真愛的相約

幾番苦痛的糾纏多 少黑夜掙扎

緊握雙手讓我和你 再也不離分

枕上雪冰封的愛戀 真心相擁才能融解

風中搖曳爐上的火 不滅亦不休

等待花開春去春又來 無情歲月笑我癡狂

心如鋼鐵任世界荒蕪 思念永相隨

悲歡歲月唯有愛是 永遠的神話

誰都沒有遺忘古老 古老的誓言

你的淚水化為漫天 飛舞的彩蝶

愛是翼下之風兩心 相隨自在飛

A memory that is still intact although it has been more than 15 years...

The familiar face in my dreams, is the tenderness that I await...

Even though tears flood the skies and earth, I will never let go...

Every moment passes in loneliness, because I have made a promise...

To my good friend ::

You may not realize the impact those several minutes had on me.
The fact that you said I am still a little girl, at least for that day can be nothing more further than the truth, and I had laughed it off in spite of it. Remembering the past, and brooding over it ... I preached that life has to go on, yet after all those years, this is by far the only memory that I have yet to let go and dare I admit, that the little girl you saw is in actual truth, fragments of the memory that I am still holding on to. The memory that I am forced to find again, during my moments of woe ... the memory that I didn't have a choice, and was the prime factor for causing it ... of me ... 15 years ago ... when the smiles, laughs and joys were directly taken away from me ... in which the little girl in me chose to remain still in time. There can be no words to explicitly describe it, nevertheless, I thank you so much for brightening my day, and always being there for me although we are miles apart.

____________________ ~ ____________________

I guess, no matter what, this little girl will always be a little girl.

8.43am Malaysian Time


Anonymous said...

Hmm - I think you should edit the last line. How about writing:

This little girl will always be YOUR little girl!


That also makes a lot of sense. If the concept of being a little girl is connected to some person, then only the memory of that person will trigger that behavior in you.

Memories have an odd way of effecting one's behavior. Its like being trapped in a time capsule. Open the capsule and the memories may trigger off the same pattern of behavior as the time it originated. :)

Hajar Alwi said...

Oho~ An advice from the editor herself. Thanks for popping over sis Asma'. :)

The last line wasn't intended to my friend, as he doesn't know the real deal. Fair enough, fault lies in me because I assumed my friend will understand, but I missed the fact that this is also read by outsiders, so I should have added a separator or something to differentiate it. Then again, ambiguity is something I'm rather fond of doing. :P

Also, I have to make a lot of sense at work, so please grant me the chance to create nonsense once in a while. Haha~

Adding in, it was actually intended not to a particular person, but more of the memory ... a combination of a person, surroundings, events etc. collectively referred by the usage of 'a' instead of 'your', on top of it as more of a statement to myself. Plus I doubt there was a 'your', unless I am directing to my own dad. :) Again, pardon me for the drops of ambiguity element. :P

True enough. :)

Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

People are sometimes blissfully unaware of the impact their words have on another person. There is nothing wrong with being young at heart. I am young at heart too. I love going outside and blowing bubbles with my kids.

Hajar Alwi said...

Precisely. ^^

Lately, being a grown-up has made me weary... to the point I'm wondering whether I'm growing too fast for my own good... but it's nice to have these childish intervals in between. :)

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Hajar. I'm sorry I can't read the poem part. What I understand from your writing is that you're remembering a friend, a very good friend who has said something that have made you reflect upon yourself. I only wish the best for you Sis.

Hajar Alwi said...

Wa'alaikum as-salaam Kak Chik.

It was extracted from the lyrics to a song entitled "Endless Love" by Sun Nan and Han Hong; both singers from China.

The song is basically about two lovers; separated, their promises, the yearning to be reunited, the love they have for one another meant for all eternity ... and that come what may, love is the only eternal myth. Have you heard/read the Chinese tale of "The Princess/Weaver Girl and the Cowherd"? Something like that...

You are right. I am remembering a very good friend. In fact, my one and only best friend...

Thank you sis. :)

Ms.Unique said...

Beautiful .... Me too has a little kid inside ... loooool .... :)

Hajar Alwi said...

Is it a wonder why we get along so well? :)