Sunday, April 19, 2009

.: Fair-weather voyage :.

One or two moons ago.

The lady motioned to the man, only to be further ignored by him. She will not accept such ignorance. She called out to him. The man turned around, and faced her. She felt relieved. As she was about to say something, the man turned his back to her and proceeded into the lift, shutting the doors as she was coming right at him. The lady was devastated, till …

It was getting too depressing that I just had to step into the drama.

To cut to the chase, the lady came with her family. Her husband held the Malaysia public transportation map, took a wrong turn and landed himself at the interstate platform. Lady asked the man; the train officer for directions to the intercity rail. As the story unfolds, he left her without uttering a word.

In an effort to salvage whatever Malaysian grace, pride or dignity left, that was where I came in. I had time therefore I offered to guide her and her family, to which she declined because her husband has the map. Understandably, I gave her a rough guide and bade farewell the moment I caught sight of her husband. *a lost man that refuses to admit he’s lost may be agitated on the slightest obvious living thing*

Call it fate; we bumped into each other again. The lady called out to me and said thanks. Her husband was still focused on the map. Perhaps it’s a Venus thing. I sensed they were still lost, so I pointed her to the correct direction. On the other hand, she pointed at her husband, shook her head, threw up her arms and heaved a big sigh.

I smiled, shrugged my shoulders, waved and walked away.

Better to be lost than to ask for directions, eh?
5.21pm Malaysian Time


Yasemin said...

I love your writing and stories Hajar. Keep up the god work! Mashallah, I'm glad that she had an ally in you. She will probably think of you from time to time beyond this incident, just as I recall women who made faces at husband over the years.

Men really are from Mars. I hope that she eventually found her way without him being too rude to her. Are they tourists or Malaysians? Love you sweet friend.

lala said...

aww yay you're so sweet! some guys are just too prideful

Hajar Alwi said...

Lisa :: ^^ Thanks Lisa. These are basically spurs of the moments stuff that I jot down in my journals as keepsakes; of how I was and the inexplicable human behaviors.

They were tourists, but the husband seemed like he knew what he was doing. Perhaps he was just taking the family down a winding trail for amusement purposes? :P

Love you sweets.

M.J. :: LoL~ I think the sweets are more reflected on the wife. I take my hat off her undying patience, and lighthearted attitude. :)

Hajar Zamzam Ismail said...

Heehee, my husband likes to be "lost." In fact, we try to get lost sometimes, but we both have such accurate inner compasses that it's hard to get really lost. ;) We usually end up at a recognizable highway or byway, just by keeping on driving. It's quite an adventure. We find unexpected things by doing this. We've found quaint little country markets and farm stores, flea markets, parks, and so many beautiful things by doing this.

Hajar Alwi said...

^^ Happens to me too. People around me freak out cos' they think I'd get "lost" when I wander on my own, but Alhamdulillah it has yet to happen. And yeah, you do find interesting things. :)