Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Asma’s tag.

Honestly, I am thrilled with this tag, albeit I am rather uncertain on what is expected from me. Judging from Asma’s post, I reckon I need to list down words that are inspirational to me, hence I give you those words, 10 in all in no order of importance.

  • Sincerity in the extent of opening oneself to another, in doing things without expecting a reward.
  • Believe in God, your beliefs, yourself and having the courage to believe in others and the things that they strive for. The sincere belief that one has on oneself or to another, leads to hope to carry on.
  • Acceptance of the good and the worse, taking it together instead of singling one from the other. Sincerely believing and accepting that the good complements the worse and vice versa.
  • Willpower to attempt the impossible, with earnest effort coupled with belief along with absorbing the outcome of it. Where there’s a will, there is a way.
  • Optimism, even when the going gets tough. For every affliction, there is a possible solution to it. The path is embellished with roses and thorns. Believe that you can overcome it.
  • Persevere under any circumstance. The wait may be insufferable, but the result is worth the entire wait. Behaving over dramatic and surrendering to prejudiced advances will not solve things. The young and the reckless, not.
  • Compassion towards the needy, the old, the young, to mother earth herself. That is the trait that keeps us grounded, above all, humane.
  • Silence that speaks in its own language. Not as a silent treatment, but knowing when it is time to relent. Perhaps wars can be avoided if people will just keep silent, listen and feel the compassion.
  • Life is temporary. The life we have now is a transit section before heading on to the hereafter. We only have one shot to make it right; thus kindly have a bullish life and for crying out loud, do not thrash it. Life is what we make out of it. Aim for a good one, strive for it, and make the change yourself.
  • Love, similar to kindness is the language understood by all. While it crosses boundaries and possesses the ability to move the heavens, mountains and the seas, it can also withstand the challenges throughout the passages of time. Love empowers a filial child to implore to God for the goodness of his/her parents, it is the sole reason why a woman will hold on to her abusive marriage, it is the one sacred feeling that everyone seek from another and it has the optimum force to change the course of one's life.

The world is where I find my loved ones … if they no longer exist, neither does the world …

On the whole, these were taken from a chat log memory I had with a friend not long ago. We were discussing on a few issues, whereby one thing led to another and we ended up having this conversation. I paraphrased and summarized the points into a succinct paragraph to illustrate the words I had listed above. I didn't give much thought when doing this tag, practically prosing the essential aspects that ran through my mind so it may not be treated in a tactful manner. Then again, my meticulousness may bring about possible amendments.

Friend:: How can you remain positive?

Me:: Because with sincerity in doing things, I learn to accept the ups and downs in life in which optimism beckons me to move forward, to persevere underneath the pure madness life has to offer and to continue to have absolute belief that the things that I will for, will happen. Sometimes, when things get too heated up, silence can speak more than words can ever do and when it comes to providing compassion, the whole process repeats itself with love.

Similar to the previous tags, steal this if you favor it. :) But do let me know, so I can enrich myself with your perspectives, and perhaps gain a generous amount of wisdom from it.


Before I end this, did I mention tomorrow is a holiday here? It is! Woohoo~! Tonight, I'll be catching up on Vampire Knight [the anime] Season 1 and Season 2, experiencing the ultimate anime marathon that I have not had for nearly a year! ^^ Zero~! Zero~!


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Anonymous said...

My friend - you are supposed to leave link of the post in the tag blog so I can add it for others to read to.

Thankyou so much for writing for the blog.

Its a lovely post! :)

Silence that speaks in its own language. Not as a silent treatment, but knowing when it is time to relent. Perhaps wars can be avoided if people will just keep silent, listen and feel the compassion.
I love that line! :)

Ms.Unique said...

Beautiful post ...

Hajar Alwi said...

Asma :: Eep~! Silly silly me! Sorry!

Ms. Unique :: Thanks. :)