Thursday, March 31, 2016

.: 自由自在 :.

Does it exist?

Sitting at home, sorting out my work pile. Hard to believe that more than a year has passed since I made the decision to leave the average 9 to 5 working hours for a more flexible working arrangement.

The transition has not been easy. Yet, underneath it all, it is still well worth it. For starters, Alhamdulillah more time can be spent on the people, ideas and areas that truly matter.

Do I regret the choice that I chose to make? 

Not likely. Though I have to admit there were times when I miss the chaotic mess office work can have, impromptu lunch dates with colleagues and even the occasional office politics. 

One thing is for certain, the very change we embark on, the non-conformity that we chose to tread upon, certainly prepares us for the things to come. Things that are far beyond our expectations.

And when it comes, it comes like the waves. Crashing in on you to the point you begin to doubt your own credibility, and sometimes, your own self-worth.

Under intense pressure, diamonds are formed.

Have faith.
8.12am, Malaysian Time

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